<Rewind> [H] 3/8M Sargeras!

<Rewind> is on sargeras horde!

Raid times

Tuesday/Wednesday 7PM to 10PM CST (Need to be online 10 minutes before raid, our first pull is on ).

Friday(optional) : Heroic/Normal

How to Apply 

  • You can go on our website : rewindguild.me
  • Before filling up the application, make sure you read raider expectations at :  http://www.rewindguild.me/raid-expectations.html
  • Don't see your class or spec? No worries! Applications are always open, and every class, role, and spec is encouraged to app.
  • Contacts

      Nietto : Battletag Mat#11420
      Asagami : Battletag Sasha#12635
      Shdwphnx : Battletag Shdwphnx#1623

    Past Progression

  • Uldir - 3/8M 8/8H
  • Antorus, the Burning Throne - 8/11 M
  • Nighthold - 9/10 M
  • Trial of Valor - 2/3 M
  • Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 M
  • SoO : 14/14M
  • HFC : 13/13M
  • still looking thx
    where the healers at
    still need healers pls
    needing healer
    still looking for healers.

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