Nightmare B4 Christmas @ the Hollywood Bowl

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So I am curious as to whom from Blizzard went to this, and was lucky enough to see this?

@Ythisens if you claim to be a Nightmare before Xmas fan and didn't go, I will turn my back on you forever! If you did go, I am seriously Jelly. =(

The reason I ask is also because we have the "Day of the Dead" event going on, and one of the achievements is "Dead Man's Party" and it made me think of the song! XD
I really wish you guys could tribute a quest to Danny Elfman for the event.
But yeah who from Blizzard went to this event?

Side Note:
@Lore I saw you at Twitchcon at one of the RP panels, I went to see Katie. I wasn't aware you were into RP, kinda cool!... or were you there just checking it out?

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