380 Arms Warrior - LFG Prefer 4/8M+

Leave a comment here with your discord or btag please.
Current 3/8M Arms Warrior LF progression guild; (Currently have attempts on Fetid, none on Vectis).

I've been pugging and filling in for guilds since Uldir dropped, looking for a STABLE raid environment. Open to realm xfer or faction changes if guild seems to be a perfect fit.

Currently seeking a 4/8m+ guild in need of a warrior, more than willing to compete for a spot. Looking for a mythic+ team to push keys and have fun.
Raid Times Preferred: 7pm-1am EST
Days Preferred: Sunday - Thursday

Use to be in a top 50 world guild in previous expacs before taking a break. (I can put in the time and the alts if needed)

Alts: 376 Blood DK - Open to gearing a healer (any class) - Working on leveling a warlock next I believe.

Leave a comment here with your discord or btag please.
Ruined Immersion- Raiding, PvP, Mythic+ Dungeons, Social fun guild:

As a little bonus I will be giving away 100k gold for FREE each week to a random player during the raid. After the break halfway through the raid when asked to roll the dice the person who has the highest number between 1 and 100 will win the gold. If two or more people get the same highest number then they roll again. What's not to like about that? As incentive for just coming to the raid you have a chance to earn FREE gold and Epic Loot !!
Elevate (H) Zul’jin 8/8H and 4/8M
8:30 - 11:30 PM EST, Tues and Wed

Currently looking for exceptional dps.

Elevate is a reforming guild made of semi-serious raiders looking to do Mythic BfA all within a two day/week schedule. We are looking for solid healers and ranged dps that want to do mythic content, and are able to adapt to the high demands of change.

While we are open to newer players, we are looking for individuals that are willing to put in the same effort as the current raiders in our guild. We expect everyone to be on the same page when it comes to performance.

We use Discord for comms, and require that all raiders own a microphone and a raiding-capable PC. Attendance is a must, as we are only a 2 day-a-week guild. For any raiders needing to take a raid day off, contact any of the officers first and foremost and the respect will always be paid back to you.

Bobi - Kamakozei#1550 (GM)
Niekas - Ciabatta#1832
Bobi - Bobi#9613
Niekas - bigblack#8256
<Top Of the Line> 3/8M wed/thur 9pm-1am. Heres the situation, we already have 3 warriors but i would be more than willing to have you if you can show that you are a consistent and dedicated mythic quality raider. if you were willing to level your healer or a Rdps thats definitely a big plus atm. We can talk more in depth if you are interested.

Bnet: Unstawpable#1550

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