Pandaren Harvest Festival <neutral RP event>

Moon Guard
Om Nom Noodles and Runaway Theater Troupe are co-hosting a public RP event to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival (a traditional Chinese--aka Pandaren--festival that is usually in Sept-Oct, but we're hosting it to coincide with Thanksgiving time).

This is a neutral event, where both Horde and Alliance players are welcome. The festival celebrates harvest, family and friendships, and hopes for the future.
All races welcome to attend.

WHAT: Pandaren Harvest Festival
WHEN: Tuesday, November 20th, at 8p realm time
WHERE: Halfhill, Valley of Four Winds, Pandaria

1) Pandaren Tea Ceremony...with Mooncakes
2) Sky Lanterns can buy one in Timeless Isle for 7,500 timeless coins (
3) Moon gazing...with fruit offerings and prayers for the future
4) Play / Performances / Storytelling...traditional tales of the Pandaren moon fairy/goddess, Chang'e
5) Harvest Contests/Games:
--pie eating contest
--archery honor the story of Zao Sunseeker, who shot the Suns out of the sky

We will be using this community link:
< >
Please link this to your Cross RP add-on (can be downloaded via Twitch) to enable cross RP between factions.

This is a neutral, public event to which everyone is welcome. Hope to see you there. :)
I have an idea...
11/05/2018 10:20 PMPosted by Tsunzzu
I have an idea...

Oh! Fun. :D
Can't wait!
Horde, too? YUS! ;) This sounds fun.
This sounds awesome!
This sounds awesome!! I can't wait!
We have some great ideas brewing for this. Mixing IRL traditions with in-game lore. Should be very exciting!
Food. Shows. Festival. I love all those things. Expect me there.
We've been getting together traditional foods, stories, and other fun things. Getting excited! ^_^
A reminder that one item suggested to get for this event is the Sky Lantern companion pet ( You can buy one on Timeless Isle, Pandaria for 7,500 timeless coins. Note, there is a cheaper one, but it isn't permanent and tends to be bugged.

This is an easy grind for any players over level 90. While not required to attend the event, the effect will be better if your toon gets to light a sky lantern along with the other attendees. If you don't get this lantern, we suggest having the Lunar or Festival Lantern at least. ;)
My Pandaren will be there with his soup bowl and a lantern.
I'll be out of town but I'll bring my laptop with me, so I might be late. Probably. A good chance I'll late. Actually I don't know. Might have to spend time with the family.

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