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11/09/2018 07:46 AMPosted by Tilgath
Not just between the Night Elves and the Eastern Kingdoms, either. Anduin releasing the guy who planned and executed the War of the Thorns

Indeed, maybe this is the stratoholme moment for anduin, maybe this has some bigger implications, this could be a great storyline to follow.
Anduin makes a decision as high king, but in this case, he gets a bigger disagreement, especially with the nelfs where tyrande literally says "teldrassil burn because i spared saurfangs life" and "The time for mercy is over"

or maybe i am getting my hopes too high...
Anduin releasing the guy who planned and executed the War of the Thorns (which consisted of wiping out the entire Night Elf presence in all of Ashenvale, let alone the complete death and destruction that was waged from one end of Darkshore to the other) should be outrageous to the dwarves and Gilneans, too.

The fact that the cinematic played it as a moment we should be cheering for was even more appalling.

To be fair - Blizzard created Warcraft as Orcs and Humans.

Their intention appears to be Orcs and Humans uniting to spite the foul Undead and Night Elves. It's their story: they can ruin it if they choose.

I like a broader array of narratives focusing on the interesting lore of all the races. The heroic aspects of Undead and Elves and Foxes and Goblins. Blizzard disagrees, and they are hammering that point home.

To Blizzard, Tyrande and Sylvanas are just crazy Elf broads that must be hushed, while the strong Orc and wise Human males save the day in spite of them.

It is disgusting. And obvious.
11/08/2018 09:10 PMPosted by Jerolan
11/08/2018 07:30 PMPosted by Saiphas
Partly because the Alliance's entire objective is wrapped up in Sylvanas, NOT the Horde writ large. Narratively speaking our beef isn't with you, again.
Speak for yourself. The Horde was complicit in the attack on Ashenvale and Darkshore. Even if they didn't agree with the burning they were fine with everything leading up to it.

Daelin was right. Their kind will never change.

Seriously. From my IRL Doylist perspective, Daelin is a racist war-hawk !@#$%^-*. From a Watsonian perspective, however? #DaelinDidNothingWrong #IWillNeverStopHuntingYourKind
"Anduin, how could you do this?!?"

"Well, Saurfang could have escaped before, but did not, so we owed him one escape. He wanted to call that in now, so there was nothing else I could do."

"You are truly a good and wise ruler."
11/09/2018 06:29 AMPosted by Cursewords
With the current writing team? A Horde hero?

Calia Menethil

Perhaps we are supposed to know instinctually that by virtue of being "a sort of Undead", Calia counts as Forsaken, and thus Horde.

Sort of like Valeera counts as a Blood Elf and as Horde at the end of Legion, but chills in Stormwind Keep with the Wrynns.

I don't think it's Calia just because she's undead. Faol isn't considered Horde either. Calia's never been associated with the Horde in any capacity.

IMO, it can only be Valeera, since this "Horde hero" is already in the midst of the Alliance. She's a double agent or whatever but if you don't know that (and most lore characters don't), she would be considered Horde.

Neither Baine or Zappy are currently with the Alliance or aiding them.

I could be wrong if there's another Horde spy that has been working with the Alliance (or Shaw in particular) during BfA, that we don't know about yet.
11/09/2018 07:32 AMPosted by Zamari
Hey Tyrande, you know that guy who put an axe in Malfurion's back? Well, Anduin decided he was a cool guy and let him out to do whatev's.

Anduin is now on my hit list.

1. Sylvanas
2. Saurfang
3. Anduin

I would love to see the shock on his face when a Kaldorei tries to assassinate him, even if I die trying.
11/08/2018 07:02 PMPosted by Zabriel
Why is the Alliance so willing to take help from the enemy
Say hi to Sira and Delaryn for me won't you?
I’m expecting this to be like the robo-cat thing but it would be interesting if we get a choice style where you can agree with Anduin and help Saurfang or say Tyrande/Jaina disagree and try to hunt him.

Not sure how that would work in all practicality but could be fun.
11/09/2018 09:32 AMPosted by Serevèn
11/08/2018 07:02 PMPosted by Zabriel
Why is the Alliance so willing to take help from the enemy
Say hi to Sira and Delaryn for me won't you?

They are now technically Forsaken...complete traitors.
11/09/2018 09:38 AMPosted by Nyalmi
robo-cat thing


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