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I have played WoW on and off since BC and watched as classes have become less and less complex and exciting. The recent class pruning and reduction in amount of abilities in BFA and gradually over the past few years has gotten to a point where classes are just not that fun anymore. I understand Blizzard’s desire to make classes feel unique again and bring the amount of abilities that are rarely used down, but I feel as though classes are just plain boring as a result.

My main was a destro warlock all through Legion and even since legion the class has had so many abilities removed or moved to a talent that you literally have like 3-4 abilities that you need to use on a regular rotation plus CD’s every 2-3 mins. That is a very stale rotation plus the GCD changes made the few amount of abilities we have feel much clunkier. I just wish every class had 5-6 abilities to incorporate into regular rotations plus a couple situational abilities that were not talents. This to me is the biggest issue in BFA. This is coming from someone that still plays actively and enjoys many aspects of the game. But constantly in the back of my mind I just feel so limited and lose interest in my class because it is so basic compared to the past.
Fully agreed. I started playing in BC as well. It’s horrifying to see what they’ve done to my sub rogue. Pruning for 3 straight expansions feels awful. I won’t play again until classes have been fixed. Blizz still hasn’t figured out that if classes aren’t then the game isn’t fun. Or worse, they have and either don’t care or it was planned this way. There have been thousands of posts with constructive feedback and they’ve ignored it all.

They can’t be that out of touch can they? I keep telling myself it can’t possibly get worse, and yet every expansion it gets worse. I hope classic is super popular and they realize that classes having a full kit makes this game way more fun. Class design has never been perfect, but pruning away abilities has stripped the very souls of classes away. It’s such a shame because WoW has given me some of my most fun gaming experiences in the past. I can only hope they change their ways.
I moved on to GW2, great classes with lots of growth to them, along with a myriad of choices to build them.
11/09/2018 04:36 PMPosted by Cirenavi
I moved on to GW2, great classes with lots of growth to them, along with a myriad of choices to build them.
This is funny cause i remember back in cataclysm i was trying out GW2, and felt that it was a bit lackluster cause you have so few spells compared to wow. all you had was 5 skills for one weapon, another 5 for another weapon that you can switch to mid-combat, and another 5 skills of your choice. Playing with only 15 skills? thats nothing. not enough to make interesting choices and decisions on the fly. i found myself missing the possibility of changing my playstyle mid-combat to adapt to changes. need a lot of different spells for different situations for the kind of counter play that was possible in wow.

now back to wow and bfa, playing with 5 skills.... ...... zZzZzZz.....
suddenly gw2 is miles ahead in class design.

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