Frost mage head gear?

I'm fairly new to WOW and the only gear im missing is head and trinkets. I have yet to find any piece of head gear, even low level gear. Unless I look at the AH but it's too expensive there. Any advice or any place I can get some?
Hmmm, headgear as in transmog gear or as in lvling gear ?
Don't worry about it. If you're not dying too much (and only you can say what that is) then your gear is ok.

You will get stuff like head pieces, etc eventually from quest rewards, loot drops, whatever, while you're in the process of leveling up
11/09/2018 11:45 AMPosted by Thutmose
Hmmm, headgear as in transmog gear or as in lvling gear ?

Leveling gear I believe. The ones that increase my character stats.
Well you can get the heirloom hood from the guild vendor in storm wind, it’s not too expensive and lasts for your whole lvling
always wear your headgear and dont miss the shortbus
Certain slots don't start showing up at all until a certain level. Just keep playing and eventually you'll have a full set of that sweet sweet safety cloth.

Edit: You have heirlooms... there is a helm heirloom... why don't you have it? There are heirloom trinkets as well. They aren't great, but they exist.

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