"52 minutes of time played per day"

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1 hour a day is actually very low for people still subbed and playing.

What this is, is a manipulation of statistics to make things look better then they are to cater towards investors.

The Blizzard way.
My daily average is far less than that unless timewalking is a thing... I can still use my leggos! lol
11/10/2018 09:48 AMPosted by Lohten
1 hour a day is actually very low for people still subbed and playing.

What this is, is a manipulation of statistics to make things look better then they are to cater towards investors.

The Blizzard way.

The 52 minutes stat is across all Activision , Blizzard and King Entertainment game titles.

It really isn't very hard to achieve given how many game titles those 3 game divisions produce.
11/09/2018 10:41 AMPosted by Chilayllenn
I heard this being used as a metric to judge player enjoyment by blizzard in the conference call.

Well, as a gamer through and through I'm here to say that playing 1 hour per day is not a good metric to boast about, especially for an MMOPRG that's as old as this product. For instance in games like ESO and FFXIV my time equals to a time larger then a simple 1 hour per day, and don't get me started with how much time I spent on RDR2.

Now i'm not trying to say that you need more measures to force players into playing for longer periods of time, even though that would be a rightful assumption. No, the meat of what I'm saying here is that the content that's present in end-game as of 8.0 in BFA is so lack-luster that there is no incentive for gamers to play for longer then an hour per session because the 'content' that's there is mainly focused on WQ's and Rep-grinding. This is boring content, period.

What you want in your product is more engaging content and less 'content' that's just there to fill out time. Less Rep-grinding and World Quests and more focus on Quests (aka storylines) for players to enjoy. More maps that's filled with content for consumers to enjoy, rather then feeling lacking with content. More Raids for players to farm for mounts/xmogs/achievements. and if players are complaining that (for example) professions are useless then try and make them less useless and more enjoyable, rather then just removing them like you did with First Aid.

I understand if you might be hesitant about creating more engaging content for your consumers to enjoy, considering your history with your consumers dying from playing this product for extended periods of time. But as long as you don't time-gate all that content you should be fine in that regard. If they want to just raid let them raid, instead of blocking access to it through a long chain of events or via a reputation grind. Also, try and listen more to what your community wants, instead of just deciding what we want without reading our feedback. (Read the thousands of playable Alliance High Elf threads on multiple websites for that example)

That's all I wanted to provide feedback about, if you disagree with me then please tell me why. In the meantime, I'm going back to playing rdr2, I got a carriage to rob.

This is what happens when you cater to instant gratification. I too feel bored after about an hour. Back in the day you would have to grind something for hours and hours even months maybe, this was a good thing, it kept you pushing towards that goal
the only times I'm on for more than an hour are raid nights, unless I miraculously had a day off that I can spend in M+. an hour a day really isn't that surprising for the bulk of the WoW audience. there are people who actually have full time jobs, you know.
I'm at 0 minutes time played per day.

11/09/2018 11:28 AMPosted by Snowfox
I think we sometimes forget that our own 8-hour a day pc-obsessed mythic pushing playstyles... are not.. actually what the majority does.


But I am seeing a lot of friends who used to be "obsessed" drop down to an hour (or less) a day or quit altogether. I, myself, have not even leveled to max yet. Granted I started lowering my engagement in Legion. But lately its taken a nose dive.

My experience and that of my friends is anecdotal, of course.

But add up enough anecdotes and you got a trend line.
During the week days. 1 hour or less sometimes I won't even get on all week. I just dont have the time.

Weekends though. Sometimes I'll spend most of the day gaming provided I dont have other things to do.

Compared to 5 years ago when I would try to spend every chance I got on gaming.

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