warlock 2v2 spec

i dont really expect to accomplish much in arena but ya just want to get my caps, suggestion for easiest choice for 2v2s?
Screw 2's, 3's is where it's at for Warlocks hehehehe

But for 2's, well, if you're going double DPS Warlock is a terrible choice for that

But with a healer, Affliction is actually pretty good. Constant rotting damage and decent peel for if the other team tries to switch to your healer and Affliction is generally easier to damage with
I have hardly touched arena this season but mucking around in skirms yesterday I randomly went 5-0 playing zoo demo with a fire mage. Warlocks are irresistible so the mage had a lot of fun blowing people up while I got trained.

Could be worth investigating - fast games win or lose.

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