STV fishing tourney BFA active?

i took a alt to STV today to hopefully catch the fish for the +5 pole enchant, i was there at the correct time. when it was supposed to start no announcement. i also looked at calendar and event is not posted.

then i see comments from other players in general chat asking if anyone is catching the speckled tasty fish, i fished about 10 nodes and got none,

i went to BB, the BOT and fishing NPC was there, so i did 4 more nodes, called it a day for fishing suspecting something is not right. has there been any recent news i missed about this not being active?
There were a few times during legion when Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza was not up. I haven't heard anything about it not being available in bfa

Based on the most recent comments (22 days ago), it's still going on.

It's only from 2pm to 5pm Pacific Time, which may be different from your server time and I'm not sure if that is adjusted for daylight savings time (which ended recently) or stays at the same UTC time all year.

Probably should open a ticket with support to confirm when the tourney starts on your realm.

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