Potential PvP changes to make Resto playable

I think the general consensus in pvp is that resto druid is the worst healer at the moment. Especially in 2s/3s. Lots of streamers who play a variety of classes publicly say this, and the usual resto druids mostly play other healers/specs now.

Here are some simple changes that I think that would make resto druid not only fun again, but playable and competitive in pvp, without affecting pve. These are just ideas, please no flaming... its just my personal opinions.

1) Bring back Nature's Swiftness. Allow it to be used with cyclones, roots, and maybe 100% increased effectiveness on regrowth.
2) Another alternative to bringing back NS, you could bring back the old Soul of the Forrest, allow the SOTF to decrease clone cast time again.. (This could be a good change because right now soul of the forrest almost never gets used, this would open up options on talents)
3) Add a pvp talent that makes rejuv unpurgeable or undispellable. I could see some exceptions to this like mages kleptomaniac, or mas dispell being only thing that works.. Or maybe instead of rejuv make the other hots undispellable. It wouldnt be that gamebreaking because we already have ways of dealing with purges: cultivation, treeform, nourish, ect..

Numbers 1 and 2 are not both needed, just need either one or the other, but both would be good as well. After these changes it would just be tuning numbers at that point. But these changes can effectively improve the PLAYSTYLE of druid, back to how it used to be.

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