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Good Morning All,

Over the past two weeks, I have been experiencing longer loading screens into the game (such as when selecting a character; loading into a dungeon; etc.), as well as long wait times when switching realms (mainly taking a while for the characters to pop up), which has never been an issue for me before. I have deleted the WTF folder, error folder, made sure all addons are up to date, deleted all addons, and repaired the game - all to no avail. All my drivers are up to date as well, though I do not believe this to be part of the issue, as WoW is the only game that I actually have any sort of an issue with. Does anyone have any sort of incite as to what could be the issue, and/or how to fix this problem?

Thank you to all for your time, help, and expertise in the matter!

I am having the same issue. Also hearthing to my garrison, and of course the known glitch with opening professions where it just freezes up, apparently they are aware of this but each Tuesday it does not get fixed.

Blizz these are small issues but annoying glitches. Can you please get on it.

I've been having the same problems too the last week.

Blizzard heeeeeeelpppppppppppp
Same here
We've been having this issue for the past approx 3 weeks with not much help unfortunately.

Here's the thread :
Notice some delays recently like char screen freeze for 3-4 seconds but I think this might be regional / realm related?

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