355 Staff vs. 345/330 mace/shield in pvp?

Do I take the staff over the mace/shield for pvp as resto? Stat changes with staff:

+29.2 dps
+143 int (current 5526)
+67 sta (current 5787)
+80 crit (current 15%)
+46 mastery (current 62% ugh)

- 1449 armor (current 3599)
- 64 haste (current 11%)
- 43 versatility (current 1%)

I don't really know where to draw the line for the trade-off of int and armor.
Assuming the Tank calculations apply to players as well:
Final Damage = Raw Damage * (1 – Your Armor / (Your Armor + K))

The K in this case would be 6300. So if we assume a 10000 damage hit it would be:

10000*(-3598/(3599+6300)) or 3635 prevented vs
10000*(-2149/(2150 +6300)) or 2543 prevented

A relative difference of ~30% or an absolute difference of ~%12 physical damage reduction.

Of note - you can change weapons in combat (at least you could at my last check) - as such you may want both setups. One for throughput the other for when you get tunneled.
I would keep both. You can use the shield for being focused, and the staff for pure damage. You can make macros to equip them at the cost of a GCD. It'll also come in handy in the 40 man BGs, where you are doing a lot of PvE stuff. Keep the staff out most of the time, but keep the 1h/shield combo for actual PvP. If it comes down to a turtle, you could hang out in the back with the staff and try to break the wall. Given equal ilvl, I would always go with a shield in PvP, though.
Use the Staff against caster comps. Use the weapon+Shield for anything with melee as you will need the block chance and extra armor for survival.
Thanks for the advice everyone. You've suggested a couple things I didn't even think about. Hopefully I'll find myself a nice shield one of these days and won't have to worry about swapping:).

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