Enchanting Mats and the AH Deposit Overhaul

Am I the only one who thinks that rare/epic enchanting mats shouldn't have been included in the AH deposit price change? I understand that the change was put in place to discourage listing single stacks of profession mats. This is great for herbs and ore, which are needed in higher quantities for crafting, but you only need one Veiled Crystal to make a weapon enchant, they go for nearly 1000g each on my server, and people tend to not want to buy them in stacks of ten or even less. More than once I've posted a relatively small number of them in stacks of one or two and paid over 1500g for a deposit, only to be undercut by a few gold and lose the deposit entirely. The deposit fee change was a bandaid fix for a larger problem, and this nuclear option isn't working.
I see your point and it does make complete sense.

However this could also be a learning opportunity. There is only so much demand for single stacks of crystals on the AH, depending on your server.

So instead of chasing that market, if your gold making methods include selling raw crystals, why not look at the competition for the larger stack sizes, posted for longer periods of time. Especially if you might be able to make more gold by not continually undercutting the competition.

Instead of selling single crystals, consider trying to sell the resulting weapon enchants which don't include the additional deposit fees.

Making gold in WoW isn't difficult, but it is a constantly shifting and changing marketplace. The riches players have learned to adapt (or spent a lot of cash buying tokens).

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