is not the problem.

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it just isnt.

if anything is to blame, it is the war forge / titan forge system.

people are getting 360+ gear from trivial content like lfr / warfronts /world quests /ect.

used to be all people would check would be ilvl and class. now theres a system that checks much more than that. including all your relevant experience in the dungeon at hand.

cats out of the box now kids.
The Raider.Io is not the problem of M +!
The human being, using the tool, is the problem!

The problem is the astronomical level of idiocy, that players who use, are used to erect a wall and get other players to pay for it!

With the malicious use that is having, M + this is becoming an activity only for those who have it's "chosen One"!

But M + is not a scenario for everyone!
It is competitive and not for everyone!

M + is intended for an elite in training and if you can not meet any parameters whatsoever, in some group, we can only blame the players, who are alienating the M + and the other players!

There is no solution, since people have decided to give a malicious use to a tool, going the last consequences, aiming to reach extremist levels.

M + is not 4fun!

It's a serious thing! M + has been turned into something serious, with the neurotic use of!

I only regret, for someone who has experienced some level of frustration, not with the tool but with the stingy human element behind it!

And let's remember that in a MMo, the most attractive should be the social environment, but then, it's not in an M + that the players of this content will find this, with this stingy use of Raider.Io!
^ Yet another guy blaming everyone but himself for his inability to get stuff done.
Yeah and people wonder why they ignore that and do lfr. Less toxin than a lake near a nuclear power plant in China.

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