Blizzard doesn’t want people to do M+ this week

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11/13/2018 08:36 PMPosted by Tymberlea
11/13/2018 05:46 PMPosted by Humanìty
Why would you intentionally make it so people don’t wanna do your content for a whole week?

edit: make it whole couple of weeks

Why would you make inflammatory, unsubstantiated accusations, without bothering to explain what you see as a problem, let alone suggesting a remedy?

This kind of criticism - baseless, accusatory, unsupported and without any redeeming addition of specific information regarding perceived problems, let alone constructive feedback - is exactly why the Dev team won't talk to us.

Thanks a lot.

Then they need to grow up and act professionally. There is plenty of well-founded, well-described feedback on this forum. Refusing to engage with it because some other customers post in frustration is childish.
This is the weak to level alrs, try other games, etc. We beat 12-14s last week; not even going for a 10 this week. difficult or not, it is not fun and I don’t play a video game to be annoyed and frustrated. So I just will not do any this week.
11/13/2018 09:14 PMPosted by Caspery
I'm fine with + being near impossible at times. Hard dungeons are one of the only things left that keep me playing WoW.

Considering you've never timed anything over a +8 Id say you've got your plate full.

Its harmful to the player base to have the drastic changes in difficulty that yeild the same rewards. LFG is being a ghost town today is testimate to that.

Also at the time of this posting the highest key completed in time on a global level is a +14. Last week that number was +21.
If you're horrible at killing all the orbs in time, get your tank to bring stuff to a corner. Surprisingly, explosive obeys line of sight.
I have a 1k+ io. I ran my 10 for the week. Not interested in running another one.

I understand. 370 gear is not worth the headache this week requires.
The only reason i'd say it's fair is because there's no way to farm 370+ gear aside from m+. Mythic+ the higher you go is supposed to be a challenge, so i hope no one is actually complaining they can't farm 10+ keys.

That being said, if people are complaining that they can't do 7 and under keys, yes i do think grievous is overturned. I don't think casual groups can complete those keys, which in all honesty i think 7 and under should be the casual standard. I might even agree that 8 keys should be doable for casuals.

At some point, even the casual community has to agree that there does need to be a standard for the game. I don't get why games went from being fun because of challenge to feeling entitled to get rewards without the trial. It's also not like i'm saying games have to be completely hardcore, that's why we have many different modes in this game. However lately it feels like the casual complaints are wanting the best gear without playing the game.
Well sounds like a job for rogues no? Just walk past all the packs. Don't do any dungeons without one.
My mind is blown... don’t tell me last week must’ve been hard for you too
Good luck stopping the try hards op

they got their name for a reason ;)
11/13/2018 10:03 PMPosted by Wariya
Good luck stopping the try hards op

they got their name for a reason ;)

Because for us the satisfaction from a game comes from completing something challenging rather than clicking a button to be rewarded with shinies?
11/13/2018 09:23 PMPosted by Códy
This is the weak to level alrs, try other games, etc. We beat 12-14s last week; not even going for a 10 this week. difficult or not, it is not fun and I don’t play a video game to be annoyed and frustrated. So I just will not do any this week.


There was a very large crowd waiting to kill Galleon earlier today. Somebody said, "It's good to see the current xpack is doing so well".

I agree. 1100io here, rakunar is my main. I did a kings rest 12 today, way over time. Some of the trash pulls are quite challenging. Harder than mythic raiding. Having to manage G’huun mobs and tons of explosives reallly handicaps your dps to the point where the game isn’t fun to play. Honestly this week the reward to labour ratio, reward to difficulty ratio, however you want to look at it, are !@#$.
I dont understand how can things be so unbalanced, not only from affixes but also some dungeons compared to others.

Again this is nothing but blizzard ignoring beta feedback and just thinking they can fix things with future patches, when those patches comes we will be half way through the expansion.

They really need to go back to their old self of delaying things until they can put them out in a decent state, this is beyond a joke.
11/13/2018 05:53 PMPosted by Felryn
I just checked the affixes... jesus christ why????

More adds from Teeming.
Explosive orbs that spawn based on the amount of adds pulled.
All the adds have increased health due to Fortified.

That's insane!

And it's more proof that the Dev's don't play the game they design or they would have seen this possibility before hand and not allowed it to happen.
Its not an easy combo to be sure...but its not THAT bad. Did a 13 WM with my guild and we missed the timer, but only by a few minutes. We could have chested it if we had planned our route rather than taking the same one we take every other week. It does require a much higher level of play than last week though to be sure...but that's not necessarily a bad thing either.
I wanted to punch myself in the face while playing, guess i'll do that while leveling alts...
Gosh I’m so bummed about this week: I just joined a new guild and wanted to start running mythics with the more experienced people. Went into a mythic +12, all five is discord, and the difficulty was intense. on some trash pulls, managing interrupts, soothes, explosives, G’huuns, cc mobs, dodging, everything on gcd was absurdly difficult. Hitting timers this week is immensely more difficult compared to last. Timers need to be adjusted for this. So silly that it’s not. Some of these affixes are way overtuned.
Horrible week, will get one ten in and that's all the game play until next week.
Tanked a 10 shrine today after farm night.

Tank IS my offspec mind you but we finished it in an hour and a half. one of the longer ones that it's taken me to do. (i usually only tank as a last resort when needed for the guild m+ 10's)

most of the dead time honestly was not planning what trash to pull for the %.

we struggled a lot with the big tentacles before 3rd boss and decided to backtrack after last boss for other trash.

there are definitely some tricks to handling explosive in a dungeon like shrine but the actual mechanic of explosive plus teeming was not our biggest issue. it was compounding it with interrupts and managing CC that made it more challenging.

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