Warlock on Rezzing [?]

Warlock : Rezzing Others?
I have played my warlock and never had anyone ask me to rez until yesterday. I was asked to rez someone who died in a dungeon. Honestly have never been asked this before with this toon....my question is....can a warlock rez/bring back to life
another player? If so, which class?
[I've been to icy veins & googled this issue with no good clear answer]
You can resurrect anyone with Soulstone, cast it on their dead body.

We do have a rez. But it's not the kind you want to use after a fight. It's one of the few rez abilities that can be used in combat. So it's important to save our soulstone to save a healer or tank who might have died suddenly.
The Soulstone ability can be used two ways: either preemptively, or reactively.

Preemptively: You can cast soulstone on someone if you expect there might be a chance they will go down, or just before they die. This will allow them to resurrect on their own when they die. Can be cast on yourself.

Reactively: Depending on the situation, casting the SoulStone while having the dead party/raid member targeting will bring them back to life. Its typically only used in emergency situations like if a tank/healer died in combat.
I wish blizzard would sticky some of these commonly asked questions so that new players and old players are not left in the dark like this.

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