One Thing I Want Back For Resto Shamans

Telluric Currents + the ability to cast lightning bolt while moving again. I am currently having so many issues running out of mana in dungeon settings, and sometimes in raids (don't judge my current talents because I am currently messing with them trying to find something I like). I have been healing rsham since cata and have never had this many issues with mana management. I have not seriously raided since MoP, but plan on starting back in 8.1 with progression raiding.
We actually have pretty good mana sustainability compared to the other healing classes. With Crit stacking, Resurgence procs should keep you going on longer periods of the fights.

That being said, I have VERY low expectations for resto shamans this xpac (I'm so sad to even say it, with resto being my main spec). The one thing that I would want back is that Earth Shield be made a baseline spell again.
mana really isn't an issue with practice, since we handle things fairly well with proper spell selection and play.

we can certainly burn through mana in a hurry if we want to, but we can also sustain fairly well for a long time without external sources.

I get where you're coming from, but you'll probably see some of the same as you get back into the swing of how things are now.

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