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So I've just been informed that, yes, the Alliance too get to bask in the glory that is the Spirit Animal of Azeroth's Adventurers, the Loa of Trash.

And yet, Jani never seems to get much lime-light, especially for a Loa that is so ever-present and prone to getting underfoot when you least expect it. Unlike every other Loa, Jani is also present across all of Zandalar and does not discriminate against Alliance or Horde.

And with Shadra now Completely Totally Not Coming Back Dead and no longer around to prey on Jani's children and keep the Loa of Trash, Spies and Thieves under control ... what is keeping everybody's favourite Hek-Lord contained?

So before I hit up the General Forums with the concept for something a bit light-hearted for Players to have fun with amidst the grimdark of this expansion, I propose a mini-event(s) wherein Jani's children stow away on ships of both the Alliance and Horde.

And where do they end up? Why, the two least-used, smallest cities of Azeroth that Blizzard can easily turn into Scenarios, of course! Silvermoon City and the Exodar. The event operates much like an Island Expedition, with three players squaring off against the AI NPCs we've all come to know and love/loathe.

Players get to choose between either aiding the leader of the city and try to stop the Saurids' rampage, Lor'themar or Velen, to earn their shot at some Sin'dorei/Draenei themed transmog gear, or to side with Jani and aid his children to chase down pets, mounts and toys.

For Jani-siding players, you are placed in a vehicle composed of several Saurids, functioning a lot like the Suramar Daily where you assemble an army of Withered, with four abilities:

Bite, Steal, Run and Hek-Pocalypse.

Bite deals a % of damage to a target based upon how many Saurid, with obviously more Saurid meaning more damage.

Steal, again, benefits from more Saurid, but also gains you Treasure Points. Treasure Points stay on your Saurid Pack and can be lost if Saurid start to die, and must be returned to a Trash Pile to be safely stored.

Run functions like a quickly-recharging sprint button.

Hek-Pocalypse only functions when a set amount of Treasure Points has been accumulated and/or the NPC defenders steal a set % of Treasure Points back from the Trash Pile. Once Hek-Pocalypse is triggered, the screen goes red and Saurid start pouring out of everywhere, causing the NPC guards and civilians to scream and panic and large amount of random trash and treasure start spawning, allowing the players to either regain lost Treasure Points or greatly increase their gathering progress for a short period of time.

Your chat-bar will also fill up with Saurids going HEK HEK HEK and running around with random things in their mouths, from goblets, small animals and the occasional piece of underwear.

Victory is achieved at reaching a certain amount of Treasure Points, at which point the players gain access to a small loot-list of toys, pets and at an even smaller percentage, mounts and maybe access to some Sin'dorei/Draenei themed transmog gear. The faster the Treasure Points are accumulated and the more rare pieces of Treasure were gathered, more and larger chests of trash and treasure are provided for the players to loot.


For players who choose to defy their Hek-ing Overlord, the game functions very similarly but from the opposite perspective, with players mounted on either Warframes (Alliance) or Animus Golems (Horde) with four abilities.

Attack, Recover, Boost and MAKE IT STOP!

Attack functions as a ranged attack with a 30 foot maximum reach that can severely damage any Saurid caught in the blast zone.

Recover vacuums treasure back up, either from dead Saurid or from a Trash Pile.

Boost causes the Warframe to fly forwards very rapidly and the Animus Golem to rush forwards at an accelerated rate.

MAKE IT STOP! is only useable when a certain amount of Treasure Points is gathered by the players or has been accumulated in the Trash Piles. Hordes of Saurid that do not attack or defend themselves come piling out of everywhere, screeching HEK HEK HEK at the top of their lungs and the player's mount gains three new abilities. Attack turns from a narrow beam into a very wide cone that does a great deal more damage, Recover actually suctions multiple Saurid towards the Player and stuns them as they slam into the armored frame of the Warframe/Golem, and Boost crushes any Saurid the player runs over, killing them instantly.

Victory is determined when the players gather enough Treasure Points back from the Saurids and Trash Piles, at which point the frazzled but grateful city leaders offer the Players access to a certain number of chests. The faster the treasure was recovered, and the more elite or dangerous Saurid mini-bosses were defeated and relics recovered, the larger and more valuable chests will be provided for players to loot.

Any suggestions or critique that you guys can think of on the idea? I'm thinking it'd be a neat little event or scenario for players to pursue if they need a break from the SRS BSNS of the story in our current expansion.

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