Azerite powers you like and don't like.

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Just wondering what Azerite powers you like and don't like. And if you could explain it would be better.

Powers I like:

- Tidal Surge for my mage because it's an extra fx and makes her appear more magical.
- Honorbound flag because it works for whole party and it's a visual aid without having to look up at my buffs.
- Rezan's Fury for my hunter cause it makes me feel like I have an extra pet and it procs quite often.
- Resounding Protection because who can't use an extra shield
- Thunderous Blast cause it's a nice bit of extra damage.
- Crushing Assault on warrior for chance at free slam but it doesn't proc enough imo.
- Azerite Veins because it adds a little to my warriors survivability.
- Battlefield Focus cause it adds damage to all Horde that attack that enemy.

Powers I dislike:

- Gemhide cause I don't think the avoidance and armor are that useful.
- Azerite Fortification cause I am rarely stunned or rooted, etc.
- Primal Instincts cause I don't use it enough on hunter to be useful.
- Blood Siphon cause it's too low mastery and leech imo.
- Elemental Wind cause it is rng which stat it boosts and some are more useful then others. Not chancing it.

There are obviously more to add to both lists but those are main ones I can remember or have seen and avoid.
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