Wow token limit?

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i was able to buy 13 tokens on the same day recently, is there a new limit in BFA now? i remember you couldn't buy more than 10 per week before
I've never heard of there being a limit other than how many were available to be bought at any given time.
At token launch and for a while you could only buy 10 per month. During Legion this was removed. Good times.
I went shopping back at just over the 100k mark (got mine at like 100,050), and as I went to purchase the 11th... it said "I could no longer purchase any more of that item."

So you MIGHT be able to buy more after 30 days. I could test this later as the Token is still reasonable in the 115-range.

But at least as recently as the second or third week of BfA, we definitely ARE limited to 10 at a time/30days.

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