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Moon Guard
Within each settlement in Kalimdor and at the docks of Stormwind a tiny sapling would be found, freshly planted and tended to using Druidic magic. Within the branches of each sapling, a small purple glowing gem would be housed, activating once someone stepped close enough. A female voice would originate from the crystal, soft and whimsical, "Ten-thousand years ago tragedy struck the great land of Kalimdor and the lives of those that lived there were forever changed. The Kaldorei stood tall against the Legion and rebuilt, finding purpose in defending and tending to their lands, though the land of Kalimdor resembled little of the one they once knew.

Theramore, a once proud and peaceful city of Lordaeron refugees, who fled from the horror of the scourge, was obliterated and still justice has not been served. Today we face even more adversity, the great tree, Teldrassil has been set aflame, and the blood of the Kaldorei spilled in conflict once again. The ancient and wise Draenei, our noble allies that aided us against both the Horde and the Burning Legion, now stand alone, isolated from Alliance protection. Our enemy is without mercy and we survivors seek to avenge the deaths of our brothers and sisters.

These tragedies must be answered! Whether you answer them with the wrath of Elune, the Will of the Light, or the desire to see the land of eternal starlight thrive again, we will take action! The Kalimdor Enclave hereby opens its doors to any that wish to fight for the Alliance of Kalimdor, whether you be civilian, former or currently militarily-trained, an adventurer, scholar, or a refugee fleeing from the barbaric Horde. Should you wish to join us, you may find us in Feathermoon Stronghold. We will work together to launch a new era of prosperity for our peoples and we will thrive! Elune-Adore, Pheta thones gamera, and King's Honor!"

Kalimdor Enclave is a new lore-abiding Heavy Roleplay Guild on the Moon Guard server. We welcome all races and classes as long as the character shares our focus of reclaiming and restoring Kalimdor for the Alliance. We are a pro-Alliance guild that will be participating in the faction war. We are heavily story-driven and strongly encourage personal as well as group character growth. The main theme of our story is to restore and protect Kaldorei lands, defend the Draenei that have been left alone and surrounded by enemies due to the Burning of Teldrassil, and help build new homes for the survivors of both Teldrassil and Theramore that wish to once again live in the land of eternal starlight.

Our combat events will either be freeform or utilize a very simplistic d20 system. There will be no traits, modifiers or complex systems here. We want our roleplay to stand out and guide any combat events rather than numbers and math. We believe the magic of RP lies within the story and that story should always be the focus within RP, as well as having fun of course! This creates the opportunity for storytelling, character reactions to combat, and more.

In addition to combat events, we will offer numerous opportunities for social and casual roleplay. We want this to feel like a home for you, a place to build relationships and to care about the lives of your fellow guildmates. We will also have short and long term roleplay campaigns with developed and involved storylines. Should you be interested in our guild, please feel free to contact either Ariala or Aaylia in game for more information or visit our discord for the application process: https://discord.gg/r9K3ru9
Excited to get together a great bunch of people!
Excited to see a Kalimdor-driven guild popping up! Wishing you guys the best of luck!

Feel free to reach out if you'd like to perhaps interact in the future!
I've been looking for a Kaldorei type of guild, to begin RPing with. I'll try to look you up and contact you in-game, for more info.
10/07/2018 10:56 AMPosted by Aertaras
I've been looking for a Kaldorei type of guild, to begin RPing with. I'll try to look you up and contact you in-game, for more info.

Sounds great Aertaras, look forward to hearing from you!
What about Demon Hunters? Are they allowed? If so well, going to try and contact you guys ingame since I like the general idea of the guild
10/07/2018 10:17 PMPosted by Yggdraeis
What about Demon Hunters? Are they allowed? If so well, going to try and contact you guys ingame since I like the general idea of the guild

Yes all races and classes that want to see Kalimdor restored!
10/08/2018 10:26 AMPosted by Sunithos

Look forward to talking to you in game Sunithos
What a cool looking guild!
We are recruiting down in the Cathedral district tonight if anyone wants to stop by and say hello!
My PC smuggled literally tons of Teldrassil Burl wood prior to the burning, and years before purchased it legally. Considering the Night Elves’ hubris they really should have been more willing to part with the burl. Now my PC has some of the very last stores of it -headcanon- and is hunted vigorously by the Nelfs for aiding in the destruction of their tree and the theft of the sacred burl.
Ooooo I'm interested!
10/09/2018 05:21 PMPosted by Runaei
Ooooo I'm interested!

Hey Runaei! Feel free to join our discord and we would love to chat with you!
"It's time we actually took action. Grieving for two months is plenty of time. Our home needs us now as it is stabbed, burned, and blown apart. Draenei, join us in protecting your home or you will have a second coming of the orcs soon enough. If you thought the demons were bad just wait to see what Sylvanas will do to your people."
Join us and dive into character building, development and story-telling with us. Become an integral part of this new guild, build new friendships, and help us create a new place for us to each call home when we log into the game we love.

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