✨ Divergence 8/8M ✨ Selling Mythic/Heroic/M+

Area 52
Hello Area 52 and welcome to <Divergence> sales ✨✨ The guild has a solid history of doing heroic sales throughout Legion and now we are back in BfA! We assure a professional, quick, clean run with our raids and as a result, many of our buyers come back to us weekly.


200k G'huun only.
400k PL only.
600k gear feed.
• 10% deposit up front to reserve your spot.
• We run heroic every Wednesday at 9:30PM server time.


2mil for the first four bosses.
1mil for one of the first four bosses.
• Only selling first four bosses for now.
• 10% deposit up front to reserve your spot.
• We run mythic every Tuesday at 8:45PM server time.

+10 Carries

200k baseline
• 50% before we start, then 50% before we pull last boss
• We do these sporadically on offnights, message me for scheduling

Message me in game Lostpet-Area52 or add me on BNet Lost#12439 to discuss scheduling. Gold only.


Q: Why should I pay your prices for a heroic clear?
A: Because you will be getting an absurd amount of gear from a single run, upwards of 7-10 pieces per buyer. Don't believe me? Look at our sales logs, you can clearly identify the buyers, and look at their iLevel on the first boss then look their iLevel on the last boss.

Q: What's a gear feed?
A: You get a guarantee of 3+ raiders of your same armor type/class to trade loot to you including weapons/trinkets/ring. As for other trade able loot you will be able to free roll on any loot other buyers don't need from their feeds.

Q: What's your roster composition for gear feeding?
A: We have 6 leather/plate/cloth, and 3 mail raiders on the roster. Our roster's average iLevel is 381, and no one will be locked to any bosses.

Q: What's a no gear feed?
A: It means you are simply there for your PL and bonus rolls. No loot will be traded to you, as it is reserved for our feed buyers. Note that you can purchase this cheaper option first, and if a feed buyer doesn't show up or we have an extra slot, you can upgrade to the 600k feed package.

Q: What item level do I have to be to purchase a run?
A: You can buy this run on any 120 character, regardless of your gear!

Q: How long does this take?
A: It takes roughly 1 hour to do a full clear of heroic.

Q: Why the 10% Deposit?
A: Because we can only take a finite amount of loot buyers to a run and we need to know you're serious about buying a run. You're also less likely to miss the run if you deposit a percentage up front.

Q: Are you guys recruiting?
A: It's crazy how many times per day I get asked this from either this thread, or spamming chat. Yes we're recruiting, but please check out our website at https://www.divergencea52.com/ for full details, thanks.
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Still 2 feed slots left in our upcoming run!
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Are you guys still doing your carries on wednesdays? Do you accept x realm gold? Hit me up Limeade#11451
10/16/2018 02:55 PMPosted by Limerum
Are you guys still doing your carries on wednesdays? Do you accept x realm gold? Hit me up Limeade#11451

Added a FAQ, updated prices, and cleaned up the format a bit.

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