Normal Uldir Group

Wyrmrest Accord
I'm wondering if there's a group on our server that could use a 357 Resto Druid.

I'm not looking for a new guild (The one I am in was created by a very, very dear friend of mine, and I prefer to stay with it, it's just my alts and a couple friends), but I'm wanting to find a group I can rely on to run Normal Uldir with.

I'll also add I prefer not to use voice chats, for personal reasons really.
<Within> runs Normal on Fridays 6:30-9:30 servertime, and Heroic Tuesday/Saturday at the same time slot. While we could always use extra healers, make sure you clear it with our GM first--Alldion. We have strict policies when it comes to regularly inviting people from other guilds.

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