A Child Asks You For Warlock Training

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10/07/2018 11:47 PMPosted by Darleon
...you have free will.

Oh? It's true because you say so?
And this "free will" can be exercised, you say, to achieve pure goodness somehow? I don't believe it anymore. Every choice I make has downsides, to various points of view.
To refuse to use your free will is a choice and a bad one.

Free will is doing good by choice. One does not need a will for evil, which is just decay caused by disordered things. If you cannot see the difference between right and wrong anymore, or truth and error, and just go by novelty then that means you have become totally unfounded.

First, know yourself. you are a human made int he Image of God and clearly you are in a bad place. This bad place you are in is self-inflicted; therefore you can pull yourself out just as easily as you put yourself in it.

Second, there is only one possible foundation for everything. It is not your ego, it is not another human, and it is not power or the delusion thereof. Go to Him.

The ball is in your court now. I have relieved myself of the need to inform and admonish further in this thread. you know my characters name in game if you want to talk further; my inbox is open.
10/07/2018 09:35 PMPosted by Mortis
What do you do?

10/07/2018 09:35 PMPosted by Mortis
4 - Accept and teach the kid how to use Fel Magic responsibly (Warlock-only choice)

5 - Accept and teach the kid how to destroy planets for fun. (Warlock-only choice)

why are these the same end result?

also warlocks are not evil v_v

We are just having fun...not our fault that our fun is at expense of others D:!
Let the kid know the fate of warlocks in pvp
Dead with a dagger in their back.
<span class="truncated">...</span>

There's no such thing as 'evil'. Morality is subjective. What you might consider 'evil' another person may consider not. If you're going to try and be philosophical at least understand the basic fundamentals of philosophy.
Claiming that Truth is relative is just you begging to not be taken seriously, and then claiming that you can do whatever you want because of the "insanity defense."


If Truth was relative, then reality would be based on ego. Meaning discourse would not be possible as people would live in self-contained universes based entirely in each persons head. you think you want this, but you don't; and luckily that is nonsense.

This is exactly the "childish banter" that I was speaking of earlier. you do not get to pick and choose what you like or free yourself of judgement just by sneering "well, I don't want anything to matter so it doesn't."

As I said above, inclination and intention are the realm where evil resides. One could roleplay as a horde character and claim they love sylvannas and what she is doing, but you would be honestly saying you enjoy committing war crimes and mass murder.

Would you ever do that in real life? Probably not. BUT, it is clear you are up for it by your intentions and inclinations if you felt you could get away with it.

For this reason, people are not judged as good merely because they don't do bad things. A man may not murder anyone because he does not want to be arrested, but that does not mean there isn't murder already in his heart. Therefore that man is evil, with evil meaning hatred and wishing to destroy what is right and good.

Now, that is actual philosophy. If this is the first time you have seen it, you are very welcome.

The concepts that you consider to be good and evil are social constructs. They are only real in the eyes of those who hold those values. There is no inherent universal good or evil. You can have as many opinions on it as you like but ultimately those opinions are purely subjective.

If you lived in the ancient Aztec civilization you'd be ritually sacrificing people to appease your god. In our society we would consider that evil, in theirs it was commonplace. That doesn't make them evil, it just makes you think that such behavior is evil. Your opinion doesn't dictate the universe around you. You might think it does, but you'd be wrong.
Tell him that Warlocks are crap and that he should be a Shadow Priest. Teach him the wonders of the void.

Then direct the kid to Mortis so he can mind control him to summon Succubi for everyone.
Give it an imp on a leash and leave lol
oh good, I was running low on orphans to use as spell reagents.

he's not an orphan?

I can fix that.
I would point them down a random alleyway telling them that someone over there would help them. Then I would quickly pickpocket someone to disguise myself. I would return to the child with this disguise and trick them into giving their possessions and home location to me in exchange for a private tutor. Then I would lead an evil warlock there in secret and let them use the family as a sacrifice but step in and save the child at the last minute and kill the warlock before he can reveal my betrayal.

While they are blinded by grief and rage I would train the child to be my assassin and earn me even more money by setting them loose on wanted warlocks. I would then send them after my enemies since they felt indebted to me until my hubris inevitably causes me to slip up and reveal the truth. where my creation kills me and ends up becoming me.

....what option is that?
I choose number five with one caveat that they must help me summon Ragnaros once I figure out how.
Give the kid a tiny vial filled with green fluid and say, "Slip this into your dad's coffee when he's not looking. It'll be good for a laugh."
Take the kid drain his soul to steal his youth; I will live forever.
10/07/2018 09:35 PMPosted by Mortis
What do you do?

1 - Refuse and try to scare the kid into thinking Warlocks are evil.

2 - Refuse and tell the child to choose whether or not to be a Warlock once they are old enough to understand the weight of the decision.

3 - Accept and take the kid to the nearest Warlock Trainer.

4 - Accept and teach the kid how to use Fel Magic responsibly (Warlock-only choice)

5 - Accept and teach the kid how to destroy planets for fun. (Warlock-only choice)

Being a gentlemen of the undead persuasion, i would say yes then eat it. You are what you is
I'd just harvest their soul.
Ask him why he came to the cathedral for warlock training.
Accept and use the child to fuel my next Soul Well. Lock cookies taste so much better when fueled by the blood of children.
Politely explain that not all Void Elves are Warlocks and point out the nearest Warlock for them to latch onto.
10/07/2018 09:53 PMPosted by Mortis

Well, I am not.
As both a meme character and a person, yes you are. Even joking about trying to corrupt children for some reason. Not feeling so secure in your choices?

10/07/2018 10:02 PMPosted by Mortis
Meanwhile, Fel Magic can be produced within by sacrificing your own life energy.
No, it is just the demon using you as a puppet to make you think you are getting power so you do more of it. Really you are just destroying yourself, which is their only goal.

Does it hurt to be so sensitive about everything? I am glad that I can't relate. A light-hearted and fun thread deserves this level of response?

Get over yourself, dog.
I bring him to a local church cause yall need JESUS!
That's not really a kid choice. I'd send him/her to a mage trainer first.

You can always decide to class change and become a warlock later, when you're going through all the teenage stuff.
Grab my trusty silver flask of holy water.

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