Balance - Always be casting

I've only started playing balance this Xpac.

I'm having a lot of down time according to wow wowanalyzer. I have looked up other druid to compare and they don't seem to have the issues I am.
My DPS isn't terrible, but I am always looking to improve.
When looking at logs I always have a 99% or 98% up time on the boss.
I feel like I chain abilities correctly, but there must be something I am doing wrong.
Any feed back would be nice.
We get punished pretty heavily when we need to move for any reason. To get around this don't forget to cast something, anything really, that will keep you doing some kind of damage.
Looking at your heroic Taloc, you have a very long kill time and almost 20% downtime. Downtime is the main thing that affects your damage.
It's disconcerting to cast and the damage from said spell is low - then the spell cast, which is a spender, is also low dmg. Without the absolute best traits and RNG, balance feels lower-middle, to low in the dps packs.
During movement refresh dots, use astral surge, lunar strike, maybe defensives. You have options!
10/12/2018 08:19 PMPosted by Anthonas
During movement refresh dots, use astral surge, lunar strike, maybe defensives. You have options!

You can also take the opportunity to check healthbars if you're resto aff. I mostly PvP but if I have all my dots refreshed and no AP to Starsurge I toss a Swiftmend and some Rejuves if they'll be helpful.
Only move when you have instant casts available, like refreshing dots or Starsurge.

Try to stay high on AP, as close as possible to 100 without wasting some by going over. That way you always have one Starsurge to move with.

Know where you need to be going next, and slowly shuffle there during each instant cast.

Be sure that when you start moving that you don't interrupt the cast you are on before it actually completes. This is a problem I still have.

Do NOT heal unless you have to to save somebody. Globals spent healing and then shifting back will rapidly tank your dps.

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