Can we even recapture Vanilla community?

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The "old community" will never come back, but that doesn't mean we can't have good communities. It's not just WoW that's changed in 14 years; it's the entire Internet. We have video guides, we have massive tides of information, we have social media, we have fast Internet speeds. Everyone is far too-well geared to be able to play the game as if it's some great unknown. That's gone. For all intents, rather than know nothing, we know everything.

People know everything. They're going to rush. Your buddy is going to ask you why you're not leveling the optimal way. Your other buddy has been a gold goblin on private servers for years and knows all the hotspots for either high vendor trash or items people need to buy by the hundreds. There won't be any figuring out of the economy because all the knowledge is there.

Also. Most of us are a lot older. We're not 12 anymore.

But that doesn't mean we can't still have a good time helping each other and figuring out ways to enjoy our time together, and being civil and acting like normal humans. Even if we know everything, that doesn't mean we can't all work toward those things. Plus, who knows, people might still enjoy the mystifying experience of having +1 Stam +1 Strength be a crapton of improvement for your new character.

We can live in the present while always remembering the past :P And make sure the spirit of the thing is never gone.
The best way to capture a community is with iron grenades.
10/24/2018 10:10 PMPosted by Slowbop
The best way to capture a community is with iron grenades.
My contention is that it's with a pokeball :P
10/24/2018 06:39 AMPosted by Melima
Nope as current Wow's general pop is the instant gratification millennial, who die once and quit no chance.

It is a generational issue, those people have responsible jobs/ families by now, who actually was caring/organizing things in Vanilla and could put huge amount of time playing not for gold/free epics.

Umm, millenials are 21 at the youngest. The gen Y or "millenial" is classified as anyone born between 81 and 96. All of whom are legal adults above age of 20 most of whom have jobs and families they support. Cut your bull!@#$.

Also love how people are acting like the community's members were different, no they just acted differently. Server reputation was a thing that actually mattered back then. People acting like there were less trolls are delusional, there was a whole zone chat committed to it, was a horde main back then have 0 clue if Alliance had a similar zone but c'mon, Barrens chat is legit a meme now because of how it was back then.
We'll either turn in to the minority[great], or people will realise what they've been missing and become a convert..
Any way you chop it, we get to play the game we want and if you're in a guild of like minded folk, everyone else becomes irrelevant.
Capture the old gameplay mechanics, yes. Capture the feeling of "what's over that next hill", and the feeling of infinite adventures. Unlikely.
10/24/2018 11:18 PMPosted by Zahaera
Capture the old gameplay mechanics, yes. Capture the feeling of "what's over that next hill", and the feeling of infinite adventures. Unlikely.

^^^Pretty much this.

You can roll the game back to the start, you can't roll the players or the experience back.
How has this got to page 4 without a reference to Serenity Now and the infamous funeral on a PVP Server? If you're not familiar, look it up.

The great thing about self-contained servers is that you will be loved and hated. Your guild will be loved and hated, and if you're lucky, respected. The game will, at different points, incentivize cooperation and knives in the back. Since interactions matter, there will be drama. And that's social entertainment.

But if you fight on the flag, protect your healers, know how to CC (and avoid breaking CC), and contribute to your guild's progression, you'll be fine. You can even get away with a good bit, if not a lot, because competence will be at a premium. Treat others well, but when the Baron drops his mount, be the Ninja that can get away with it. And ride into a funeral procession on it.
It wont be the same, but i think it can still be good. Getting to 60 requires alot of patience and getting pre raid gear requires alot of patience, there will not be as many erratic players as there are in retail. The game design forces you to work together. I think the community will be fine. Also the communities on private servers are people who already know exactly what they are doing so you dont have that casual feel. Also being supported by Blizzard and knowing the servers are not going anywhere will give a more grounded feeling. I think the communities will be fine.
Prolly not ma lad , but don't worry for there's plenty of carefree !@#$%^-s like me.
There’s no reason to try to recapture it. People seem to be trying to force the game to be something.

Let it play out and see what it becomes. It’s its own game.
Classic will sort it’s self out. It will be as it will be stop holding old memories time to create new ones.
I imagine vanilla and pserver community are out of reach now as blizz just screwed up yet again and caved to the long till we start seeing gbanks, class 'fixes' and other QoL crutches invade classic.

No thank you not gonna even waste my time with be better off with losing a character and starting over due to server shutdown than to waste my time and money on a misrepresentation of an era. Goes to show basement dwellers still pump out better versions than the company that made it and screwed it up.

Of course...blizz COULD fix this as its not too late since its not up yet, but when it does any little....modern change graphics or play wise it will forever stain classic's spirit as this is starting its own history.
the dream is dead.

youd find closer to the vanilla exp on a pserver.

this game isnt even going to be close to vanilla and its going to be filled with bfa / post vanilla chumps
You don't have to recapture exactly what it was. You put the ingredients in to grow a community. BFA's design ideas don't do that. Vanilla did wither it was by accident or intended it worked.
10/25/2018 05:39 AMPosted by Sulique
You don't have to recapture exactly what it was. You put the ingredients in to grow a community. BFA's design ideas don't do that. Vanilla did wither it was by accident or intended it worked.


yeah things like programming the warsong gulch q portals to be right next to each other in order to force W-pvp (which is a tiny example) sure did happen by accident!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! !
I found that in other games with a real server where you have a name, people are generally nice and helpful. Just because this one will be part of wow doesn't automatically mean it'll be like current wow is, where most community is within guild walls. I think there's enough Classic wow people looking for those old gaming bonds that it will make for a good experience.

Yes, I am a dreamer
10/24/2018 10:08 PMPosted by Yefang
Also. Most of us are a lot older. We're not 12 anymore.
im 12 btw
To be honest, I actually expect the group finder will be more useful this time around, since people are somewhat conditioned to use whatever group finder the game offers instead of spamming trade/LFG.

Part of the reason it failed so much as was A: A lot of people didn't even know it existed and you had to click on the meeting stone to queue for that dungeon making it fairly inconvient to queue up. B: By the time they let you queue for dungeons from Inn-Keepers, people had come to hate the system and never bothered with it (or didn't even realize there was an inn-keeper option).

The TBC system (which worked similar to the Pre-made group finder) was also vastly underused simply due to people being used to chat-spamming over using the group finder.

But now we have a population where most of the new blood will be used to using group finders to get groups, and the amount of people participating might allow the system to actually work as originally intended.

Assuming we use the final version of the Meeting System, where you can queue for dungeons from Inn-Keepers or via the stone, I'll definitely give it a shot if i wanna run something without having to sit in town and spam and see if the system works any better this time around.
I agree with the OP in a way. I've seen the community on some of the vanilla servers and they are the worst (even later expansions). There is quite a bit of elitism and very short-fused players who want everything done perfectly and quickly. I loved vanilla back in the day and I'm eagerly waiting to play it but, I don't have much hope for the community. It will be more rare than striking gold if we can find good groups of people who are relaxed, chill, and not playing the game like it's a job and their livelihood depends on it. Personally, I've found that the less experienced a player is, the more fun they are to play with. Less experienced players are also so much more excited about the content rather than trying to race through it for the 100th time. The fact that most people who want classic have played other servers until their eyes bleed just makes me concerned that live servers will be nothing more than an elitist race to the top.

I hope I'm wrong.

2 cents added. cheers.

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