18-20x damage to Warmaul's Imp

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I am sorry if this double posts. I clicked Create Topic when making it once before, but it neither showed on the forum or in my post history.

In Nagrand, my Frost Shock, Earth Shock, and Lightning Bolt do between 18 and 19x their tooltips' damage to Warmaul Warlock's Imp. They do 1x damage to Warmaul Warlock, himself.


Frost Shock's tool tip is 250
Warmaul Warlock takes 249
Imp takes ~4700

Earth Shock Tooltip and Warlock damage : 1387 :: Imp : ~26,000

When I stab the two with my dagger, the difference is 20x. Of course, there's likely armor there.
Is this Outlands Nagrand or Dreanor Nagrand?

If it's Outlands (I assume so, as I don't think you're nearly high enough to be in dreanor yet), then it's simply because you are beyond the level for that content, which means your damage will be scaled up significantly higher than normal. The reason is because prior to the stat-squishes there would be significant gear jumps between expansions that would greatly trivialize content from the previous expansion. The stat-squish remove these gear jumps but they wanted to retain the relative power increase that players would get, so they just made it into a damage increase against mobs you've "outgrown".

The increase is a bit more jarring than it used to be, as it happens as soon as you level up whereas before you'd actually need to go to the new content and quest to get gear. In your case this damage increase would have occurred as soon as you hit 81.
Thanks for the reply. Why would the overarching stat squish affect the imp and not the warlock, though? I'm lv81, he's 80.
There can be confusing "edge cases" right after you cross the boundary between expac ranges. Maybe the Warlock was already spawned when you were still 80, and so was still considered your level range, but his Imp was spawned after you dinged so was considered low level and got the multiplier.
Edit: Imps and warlocks who are spawned when I am 81 definitely reproduce the disproportionate results.

Would it benefit us for me to find an actual level 79 or something and see if I do ~19x damage to him?

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