Rage quitting keys need repercussions, Please!!

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I don't really see people leaving because we're obviously going to miss the clock rage quitting. Not that I ever would because worst case I get some gear out of it at the end regardless.

I do, however, take issue with people who quit under those circumstances when I said before we'd even walked in the dungeon door "Let's aim to beat the key but if not, you guys will stick around and clear right?" and they all agreed to it.
Too many ways to abuse people if it had repercussions.
For the record, you can delete your own key and get a new/different one from completing another M+ which is different from last expansion.

Pugging can always be rough, but you can't force players to stay and play when they don't want to. If they don't leave chances are they're going to make it a living nightmare or even afk.

I do think scores on raider IO and such should reflect when people don't finish a key. If the first boss is tagged then it goes on the record. I know some will complain about that because maybe they were the one stuck with a bad group as described above, but once again that's part of playing with strangers and I would feel a lot better being able to see those runs that don't get put on the board.

Either people will be more motivated to try finishing or people would be able to see if they're a risk in the quitting department. No one is punished.
Worst thing to happen to this game. !@#$ mythic+ and %^-* Donald trump.

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