Demon hunter the raid boss of arena

10/27/2018 09:31 PMPosted by Guldalina
10/27/2018 09:24 PMPosted by Emmasdruid
... wait what

There is a minor azurite trait that every DH runs that when they eat a buff, they spawn a soul fragment and get an 8k absorb shield. That soul fragment, if they pick it up, heals them for 20% of their health.

Likewise if they chaos nova someone, they spawn 2 lesser soul fragments per person they chaos nova, which heals for I think 5-8% of their hp per lesser soul fragment.

The shield from the trait is reduced in pvp combat, usually around 4-5k absorb and it spawns a lesser soul fragment when something is purged, those heal for 4-5k as well

also chaos nova has a 30% chance to spawn 1 lesser soul fragment

stop trying to spread fake news
This whole thread is full of fake news lmao. Unkillable DH for 10 minutes that heals as much as Rdruid and heals 20% of health for every lesser soul. Lol mmmmk.
It sounds like you may have been fighting a vengeance specced DH. You would be surprised how many there actually are playing arena right now, and a few doing fairly well. Either that or the gear exploit is working as intended and you felt its full effect.
sounds like cnn reporting to me
GO DH kick some RMX !@#
Fragment from Burning Soul is 10% heal in pvp, not 20%

It's true that it's a good defensive trait, but few good pieces have it. Best one is from m0 storm but it's tough to get it at a higher ilvl
Prolly should have gone someone else then.
Spriest are Raid bosses
10/27/2018 09:40 PMPosted by Yatogami
I’m pretty sure it doesn’t heal for 20% but I gotta log on to double check that

Proper soul fragments, like the non lesser ones are like 15% or something. could be 20 idk.

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