<Bridge Four> [A] Mannoroth 5/8M

Blood Furnace, Mannoroth, and Nazjatar
Bridge Four – 5/8M
(2 per week, US-Alliance, EST time zone, personal loot)

Mythic Raid Schedule: Wednesday/Thursday, 8:15pm EST to 11:30pm EST

Heroic Raid Schedule (optional): Tuesday, 8:15pm EST (mythic roster), Friday, 9pm EST (heroic roster)

Bridge Four is a semi-competitive World of Warcraft guild based on the connected realm of Mannoroth/Nazjatar/Blood Furnace. We have a large, active, player base that continues to grow and we are always looking to recruit new players that share the same passion for killing mythic bosses. We offer flasks/food/repairs and constructive criticism to everyone on our roster. We expect drive, dependability, and cordial respect between all of our members.

Put more simply, we are looking for players that enjoy World of Warcraft, want to get better at it and want to achieve mythic CE.

Classes needed:
We are primarily looking for ranged dps but will always consider skilled players of all specializations. If you are serious about joining our team, we will be looking for solid raid and mplus performance on Warcraft Logs and Raider I/O.

Interested players should contact Achooz or Deathmage via discord during the day. Alternatively, you can contact us during the evening but be mindful that officers in raids or dungeons could be slow to respond and/or may miss your initial message.

Contact Us On Discord:
Bloopduck#4118 - Bloopduck
DeadMage#3695 - Deadmage
Chooz#4803 - Achooz

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