BlizzCon in 3 Words

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Diablo On Mobile.
Waste of time (and money).
In the words of someone on Discord when the Diablo announcement came up:

"I don't consent."
Unsatisfying corporate cuckoldry.
11/02/2018 06:47 PMPosted by Khalamete
Banshee fanboy tears

Nope this was about Blizzcon.. not warcraft specifically.. but its alright I typed this slowly for you.
Bars lowered further
Reset To WOTLK
Integrity in eSports.
we sold out
Pee Poo Poo
laugh out loud
Worst I've seen!
Bob! Do something!
Durn fool idjits.
april fools joke
that was rough
!@#$ show. Obviously.
Victory for Sylvanas >:(
Glad I passed
Hilar e ous

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