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Please consider the following:

1) Molten Core/Onyxia/Maraudon/Gurubashi Arena/STV Fishing Event/8 Debuffs

8 Debuffs are needed due to the fact this content was available at 8 debuffs. Keeping 16 debuffs at launch for MC/Ony directly nerfs the content. More debuffs, more damage. The logic for 16 debuffs must also be applied to 8 debuffs. The only class that is affected drastically to be brought to raids by 16 debuffs is the Shadow Priest. However, they essentially are only brought to buff warlocks due to their shadow vulnerability debuff. This in effect also buffs overall raid dps. It's yet another reason why we need 8 debuffs for early content. There's no reason to make a raid even easier than it already is. It is the simplest solution without re-tuning. Again, the logic behind keeping 16 debuffs must also be applied to 8 debuffs. STV fishing event came later in Vanilla but no point in delaying as no powerful rewards. Maraudon was a month after launch and shouldn't be too big of a deal to release at launch. The Gurubashi Arena Event came with Maraudon, don't see a reason to delay it similarly to Maraudon.

2) Dire Maul/Kazzak/Azuregos/Updated Molten Core Loot

Dire Maul loot is too powerful. Dire Maul also provides gold inflation with multiple gold farming techniques in the new dungeons. Dire Maul provides very powerful tribute world buffs. it is also just great idea for a content patch between MC and BWL. Kazzak/Azuregos provide enough content to be included with Dire Maul just like Vanilla and also provide powerful gear. Put updated Molten Core Loot (Hunter/Priest Quest Chains and overall loot) here to be delayed as well, due to the item power increase. The same logic applies as the logic inferred in the panel with BG Rewards/PvP rewards.

3) Blackwing Lair/BGs/PvP Reward/Darkmoon Faire

Darkmoon Faire should be delayed and launched later like in Vanilla due to the fact it provides a very good world buff, a whopping 1-10% extra damage to your character.

4) Zul'Gurub/Green Dragons/16 Debuffs/Silithus Content

Zul'Gurub should be after Blackwing Lair due to its heavily increase in power of items, specifically Bloodvine set for casters. This is also where 16 debuffs can come in like Vanilla WoW. Green Dragons need to come before AQ just like in Vanilla (Dragons 1.8, AQ 1.9) due to the saught after nature resist gear for the upcoming raid. This gear is diminished if you release it at the same time as AQ. It gives more of an incentive to enjoy these world bosses. Silithus content is a catch up mechanic just like Zul'Gurub, and was launched prior to AQ launch event patch.

5) AQ/Tier .5

Totally fine here. Tier .5 is a great idea to place here because AQ is a ramp up in difficulty and Tier .5 is great content for casual players who won't see AQ 40.

6) Naxxramas/Scourge Invasion

Not much needs to be said here.


Video goes more in depth. Thank you.
you a smart man
Great timeline. Hope they listen and analyze your reasoning!

P.s Blizz: No to Sharding, No to Loot Trade!
Why does the power of the loot matter?

The biggest power increase for all classes (1.12 talents/World Buffs) is in the game. The upgraded loot barely makes a difference.
Yes.. this please!
Good timeline - Doesnt matter either way to me.
This is spot on. Blizzard, you have to think about the indirect consequences of the changes you add. Having better loot from world bosses and Dire Maul will make the raid easier than it already is. When you take into consideration that you also have 16 debuff slots (as opposed to 8 like in Vanilla) MC becomes a face roll.

There are various other changes too like the loot trade system which may cut down on tickets and customer service, but as a consequence, it encourages ninja-looting and selling items.

Things may sound good on paper but that doesn’t mean they will be good in practice.
really hope blizzard sees this and takes note. very important for classic.
Kinda Cringe Tbh
800lb incels rise up! When classic wow releases we will be able to reach our final form
Time to start rounding up retail players btw.
1) 100%
2) 100%
3) 100%
4) 100%
5) 100%
6) 100%
This is how progression should be. Keep it up. <3
Much better than the Stages that Blizzard is thinking, you get my up vote sir.
*slams desk*


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