"We have developers working on mobile games for all of our Ips"

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11/08/2018 01:08 AMPosted by Espur
11/08/2018 01:06 AMPosted by Carhagen
This type of hysteria is likely what makes Blizzard avoid replying on the general forums so much. Absolutely ridiculous.

"None of our devs play PC games anymore and we've moved our best developers to mobile games."

What, exactly, is there in that message that doesn't cause worry?

That is literally not what he said. Maybe watch the video okay? Here's what Allan Adham actually said:

"Many of us over the last few years have shifted from playing primarily desktop to playing many hours on mobile and we have many of our best developers now working on new mobile titles across all of our IPs. Some of them are with external partners like Diablo: Immortal. Many of them are being developed internally only and we'll have information to share on those in the future."

Note the key word there: Many, not all or none.
11/08/2018 01:22 AMPosted by Carhagen
Note the key word there: Many, not all or none.

Oh, okay. I misheard. So because it's just most of them it's okay.
11/08/2018 01:21 AMPosted by Sevaira
11/08/2018 01:16 AMPosted by Lilywhite
I’m not a human factors engineer or motor skills expert, but it seems there’s a reason for the mouse as an extensions of an equation of how we manipulate a virtual process.

Well DPI plays such a huge factor into speed precision when it comes to PC gaming that touchscreen will never be able to emulate. For every inch I move my mouse I can move 10 inches on screen for example. On a touch screen I have to quite literally move my fingers those 10 inches, or at least a few inches and the become increasingly reliant on some sort of game feature that moves the camera point across the map as your fingers reach the edge of the screen.

This is a very good piece of info That I clearly neglected. Thanks for bringing it up.
11/08/2018 01:25 AMPosted by Espur
11/08/2018 01:22 AMPosted by Carhagen
Note the key word there: Many, not all or none.

Oh, okay. I misheard. So because it's just most of them it's okay.

Personally I think that line is a bit concerning regardless for those who preference PC traditional gaming. It is hard for a company to embrace all types of customers, blizzard is one that often seems like they try too much to the detriment of its original core fan base.

Just hard to argue with them though, the new market, the younger generation, they seem to be a more financially lucrative market. The old guard, the pc traditionalists are just not as financially viable, we ask for a lot, a lot of artistic integrity, stuff that costs a lot of money and we do not want to spend a whole lot to get it because that is not what we are use to. The new generation does not mind the nickle and diming as much as long as the base game is F2P. They take accessibility over high quality any day and part of that I think is because it allows their whole group of friends to play.
11/08/2018 01:14 AMPosted by Sevaira
11/08/2018 01:10 AMPosted by Erolia
Then again, the demands of Blizzard could force Apple and the android makers to make better touch screens. As someone said above, the technology evolves with what we try to do with it.

Even with that we still have this massive problem and that is batter life, without a massive breakthrough there will be some issues with trying to evolve the rest of the technology. I remember reading something years ago that that they feel as their is not a whole lot left they can do with Lithium Ion batteries, that each advancement gets smaller and smaller. We will need something else for a lot of our tech to advance at the rate we want it to. Maybe they will start to make Sodium Ion batteries viable but who knows how far off that is.

Hmm.. Well, my iPhone 8 Plus can run a lot longer than the iPhone 4 could, I know that much... But it would be nice if we could come up with a different battery type that will extend battery life.

But the gaming industry's demands could encourage research into that too. Just a theory though.

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