Warfront Transmog Gear Unobtainable!

What the title says. The most elaborate set of Warfront transmog gear, the one acquired from completing the first Warfront scenario when it becomes available, is virtually unobtainable because you get one (completely random) shot at it every two to three weeks and while there are only five pieces with a unique visual (the helm, shoulders, belt, cloak and gloves) you can potentially get an item for any slot, including any weapon useable by your class. Between the extreme level of RNG, the long time between Warfront scenarios, and the heavily diluted pool of potential items, the vast majority of players will never get close to completing even one set let alone all four. With the introduction of new Warfronts this problem will only get worse. This is simply a very poor design.
Well it's a good thing we have nothing but time currently.
I got the whole entire plate set but it required having eight plate wearing alts at 120.
Edit: Also a lot of luck with rng.
Hard to get =/= unobtainable.
I havnt found it difficult to get the entire leather set. I have also gotten a dagger and a mace . I only tldo the warfeont once when it is up i wonder if running it more would help get pieces.

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