Saurfang is a Traitor

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11/08/2018 07:40 PMPosted by Keldör
11/08/2018 07:21 PMPosted by Lightwood
...Okay listen guy, I don't normally argue lore with people because to be frank, I am enough of a bloody nerd and it makes me feel dirty. BUT. If you ever played WC3, you might recall how hard Sylvanas fought to protect her people. How she begged Arthas to just let her die instead of raising her. There is nothing left of that being. The writers have turned what was once a noble character into this empty shell of a cartoon villain. I mean sure, go support her if that's what you want. The rest of us who belong to Thrall's Horde will be waiting for you when you realise what a twatting buggerup that's going to turn out to be.

Who else stopped reading after "okay listen guy"?
It's okay you didn't need to read it. I don't need some random forum mage's validation but I'm glad you felt the need to quote me, so people get to see it twice!
Sylvanas is the traitor.
Here's my take on Saurfang that I've posted somewhere else:

The burning of Teldrassil was horrible. No argument there. It’s important to point out that setting the World Tree ablaze wasn’t the plan (a plan made and agreed upon by both Sylvanas AND Saurfang) but rather to kill Malfurion thus breaking he spirit of the Night Elves and occupying Teldrassil, an essential port for transporting Azurite.

However, when the time came to carry it out the plan (again, agreed upon by both Sylvanas AND Saurfang) the “honorable” Saurfang laid down and didn’t do his part. This left Sylvanas and with, in her mind, not much of a choice at all.

So, again, Sylvanas’s choice to burn Teldrassil was a horrible one. But who turned his back on her, the plan, and all of the Horde that had fought and died up to that point? Who forced this choice? The “honorable” Saurfang.

I want to stress that I do not defend Sylvanas's decision to burn Teldrassil, but I'm simply pointing out things that contributed to the choice.
People who had dealings with Alliance;


People who did not have dealings with Alliance;


Should give you some ideas.
I much prefer Rexxar who happily launched an axe in to an enemy's back to save my life.

Saurfang is a traitor and if he doesn't like Sylvanas he can challenge her.

But he won't coz the story writing is not that good this expac, and it is easier to go off and do some random cinematic and have that not line up with the story and then write a novel to get a third opinion on what the story should be.
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Saurfang sympathizers are a disgrace to the Horde.
11/08/2018 08:03 PMPosted by Thera
People who had dealings with Alliance;


People who did not have dealings with Alliance;


Should give you some ideas.

Garrosh and Sylvanas are true Warchiefs.
Any chance this will lead to the next xpac with orcs on alliece and humans on horde. play whatever race you want.
I agree. I think the people who don't support Saurfang should star a civil war. Kill off eachother.

laughs in Alliance
11/08/2018 07:01 PMPosted by Swiftraven
Saurfang and Sylvanas both suck. can we elect Vol'jin's ghost back into warchief position?

we need this. badly.
11/08/2018 06:57 PMPosted by Fatguy
Saurfang is a Traitor who's working with the enemy to bring down the horde.

I am still trying to figure out what actions Sylvanas has taken as Warchief that was in the interest of the Horde instead of her own personal interest.

I am coming up at a loss.
thrall will be the warchief didnt you watch blizzcon q&a?
The elf corpse turning the Horde into Scourge 2.0 is actually the traitor.
What I love about this thread is that it showcases how Blizzard was able to very successfully write in a huge bi-partisan conflict to one of the major factions, while maintaining what seems to be a fairly even split in opinion. It's exactly what they intended for this point of the story and I'm honestly delightfully surprised that they succeeded so well. It could have easily backfired if too large of a majority of the playerbase chose the same side, but from what I've seen in comments and forums since these story details came to light I don't think that'll be the case.

At the time of me writing this, the original post and opposing first comment ("Saurfang is a traitor to the horde" vs. "Saurfangs only a traitor to Sylvanas but a hero to the true horde") are perfectly split in likes 50/50. And looks like most people fervently believe in the cause of whichever "side" they're defending.

Any other controversy from bfa aside, Blizz definitely gets a checkmark in the "Good Writing" category for this accomplishment. I actually can't wait to see how it all pans out, and it's nice to have that kind of excitement back.

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