What race/class every Overwatch hero plays?

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I'll start by just naming a few not all of them.

Soldier 76 : Human Warrior. He's a vanilla sort.
D.Va: Female Draenei Hunter or Void elf hunter. Also an engineer. She's BM and uses mechanical pets. It's the closest thing to having her meka. She is waifu-bait so she has to be a cute race.
Torbjorn: Dwarf Hunter. Obviously.
Mercy: Night Elf Priest
Junkrat: Goblin Warlock. So he can blow stuff up!

Anyone have some other ideas?
Blood DK is Roadhog.
I don't really 'main' in overwatch though. You switch to counter counters.
Genji - Sub rogue
11/09/2018 05:28 PMPosted by Onikage
Genji - Sub rogue

nah, Havoc DH. Fel Rush boi
Sombra plays Arcane mage. Void elf because she hacked the allied races....
I played Junkrat in OW. He was my main and it was a lot of fun.

Junkrat would be a troll because he has the lean and long troll face.

It's almost the same model.
Moira- Void elf shadow priest
Widowmaker- Maybe a void elf hunter, but I'm leaning nightborne because of the faldorei.

Maybe Mercy would be more of a lightforged

11/09/2018 05:27 PMPosted by Snowfox
I don't really 'main' in overwatch though. You switch to counter counters.

Well yeah, but what are your preferred picks?
I guess I'd have to have played to make any sense of this thread. But somehow I feel WOW is sullied by being related to this other game. I'm prejudiced.
TBH the only reason I made this thread is so I have an excuse to bring up D.Va, my waifu, on the WoW forums.

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