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Guys, sorry to even ask this but, how do I start BfA content? I'm outside Stormwind and I have the quest The Battle for Lordaeron. It tells me to see Captain Angelica for transport. Is that the start of it? Where do I find her?

Stormwind habor?
I think she's down at the docks.
by the stormwind docks, I believe

i think she's on the pier second from the top
That's the start, yes.


You may wanna check out this section of the forums, too:

If it is your first time, yes that is the start, she is on the dock in the harbor right next to the guy you got that quest from, just talk to her and start the scenario.
Thanks folks!
Enjoy! The leveling process was well done this expac.
Follow the yellow arrow on your minimap.

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