Ret changes in 8.1?

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My BM hunter with 10 less ilvl can keep up in dps. Can you give us something? Anything to boost dmg would be really nice.
I dont think they give a crap about Ret
11/10/2018 11:10 AMPosted by Azareel
I dont think they give a crap about Ret

We are fine says Blizzard. In the end, we are always fine, maybe we need to get nerfed, after all on Blizzard's reasoning, classes that are already bad should be made unplayable, and monsters classes that do everything well, well they can stay OP cause welp, one is a new "hero" class and the other, welp, its the long time Blizzard secret love.

Irony aside, every xpac is the same, they are busier making us glow with the new animations and stuff, instead of fixing the flaws that THEY CREATED on our skillset, but hey, at least we will be in the bottom of the pack with a new shiny glow, cool stuff, yeah, not really.

I still would love to know if there is any other classe besides ret that when fighting against two targets using a cleave / aoe ability is a dps loss, divine storm hits for so low that not even doubling the damage of a single one will do more than a templar verdict, like, wut? Can anyone tell me of other class that have only one aoe ability that requires setup? We need to use 3 GCDs to use one bad aoe, meanwhile other classes use 3 gcds to utterly destroy a trash pack, but HEY GUYS, WE ARE FINE!

Blizzard, seriously i thought you learned on Legion, but yeah, you always have something else on priority than the freaking abomination, nicheless class, that you made ret paladins on this xpac.

What is next, you're going to take away our main dps ability and replace with some ramp up crap like on wotlk? or you're going to nerf everything and buff DS by 2% so in the end the buff becomes a nerf like you did before? Ah dude seriously, im tired.

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