What's the most unlikely Allied Race you'd like to see?

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Saberon, Arakkoa, Centaur, Keepers of the Grove/Dryads, Naga, Ethereals, Sethrak, Botani.

It's hard to just pick one, I want them all despite how unlikely they probably are. :(
half orc and half Draenei. Not going to lie. that be awsome
Man'ari Eredar plx
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11/11/2018 11:07 PMPosted by Romanna
What's the most unlikely Allied Race you'd like to see?.
Ah, I see you are (wo)men of culture, as well.

Besides Naga, I'd like to see Mantid or Nerubian.

Would never be added cause the race would be impossible to release in china.

I have nothing against the Chinese, but dang I kinda wish the ceased to exist so games would stop censoring themselves just to make them happy.
11/11/2018 09:08 PMPosted by Fudabitan

the correct answer.
Orc Peons

"I've been clubbed in the head for sleeping on the job for the last time! For the Alliance! Right after my nap!"
Half Elves

Also this is slightly tongue, and cheek towards your no high elves rule, but also I feel half elves are more solid choice as an allied race than High Elves especially if they are given a unique model.

Make Arator their racial leader, and introduce Rhonin and Vereesa's kids to the game finally.
Anything with more then or less then four limbs
11/12/2018 12:09 AMPosted by Gyroleaf
Anything with more then or less then four limbs
Female naga have four arms.
Arms are limbs.
Therefore female naga have the acceptable number of four limbs.
An addendum to my previous post..


Again, never going to happen. No male counterparts. And something would have to be done to smooth out their animations. My Warlock has a Succubus with the Orb of the Fell Temptress glyph that turns her into a Shivarra. Her run animation looks like she's a bad extra in a Benny Hill skit. Every time she runs alongside my horse, I hear 'Yakkity Sax" playing in my head.


I love the idea of them. From seeing Spiral in the Longshot comic books, I began wanting to be one and was more successful in getting them into games. As long as I agreed the extra arms were pretty much cosmetic and didn't grant a significant combat advantage, I could convince GMs to let me try.

Solve the herky jerky motions issue, and I'm on board.
Bi-pedal Dryads/keepers
Frostborn Dwarves
Stillpine Furbolgs For the Alliance after all according to in game lore they have already allied themselves with the Alliance via the Draenei .
11/12/2018 12:27 AMPosted by Kaizoku
I don't know if I would play a gnoll.

But I do wish I could have the gnoll laugh for my goblin thief.
Dryads/Keepers of the Grove.

They wouldn't be able to use mounts aside from their own racial running speed (like worgens' Running Wild) and would have to get one for flight too, like a wisp form or something.
Hmmm unlikely?
Or elementals
elwynn sheep
Pls "high elves"

And Dryads
T u s k a r r

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