What about Fire Mages?

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So what is coming for us firemages in 8.1

I hope for some big changes back to some kind of we had in legion with our artifacts. That was fun to play but currently the firemage feels boring and slow for me.

Dragonbreath as example is not giving me a epic feeling that it is some might weapon against enemys currently it feels more like a warm fart. What about to raise the range again to legion state with our artifact and that it would always do a crit.

Living Bomb, again doesn't feel mighty should do a lot more damage.

Speed.. the Firemage feels currently slow to play. What about to bring back the feature that you get a speedbuff if you interrupt or stunn a enemy, that was really fun to have.

And we could need some overall buffs to crit and in our damage.
All I’ve seen so far are nerfs to blaster master. So probably just more nerfs knowing Blizz.
I wish they would buff other classes instead of over nerfing us
Imagine looking at the Mage class and thinking Fire is the first contender for mechanical changes...

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