Ultramarine Pigment/Ink

Sooo how about an ink trader or you know... anything to do with the sadistically massive amounts of Ultramarine Pigment/Ink other than vendor it?
Patch isn't until Dec 11th, maybe we will hear something in December?
I am just a low quantity scribe. I don't have the spider mount or god forbid the AH mount. but I have over 24 K of these inks in my mail, bank, n bags. some days I log on set him to turning it in to ink and alt out, watch tv. heck of a way to play a game. there should be a way to turn 50 in to one good ink. ink exchange vendor or something. blizz keeps giving some professions ways to turn good mats in to lesser like enchanters do but no way to turn vendor trash ink in to something worth having,

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