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Judgement, took 31 weeks to get the chest(3rd to drop), 2 week later we stopped clearing bwl to concentrate on aq.
Started early BC so my first raid was Kara and the Cyclone set on my ele shaman.

That was also where I got my first epic at max level if I remember correctly. The offset mail shoulders and tier gloves from Curator. 2 epics! I was stoked. :)
First completed set was T4. My first piece was the hat from Prince Malchezaar. I was a warlock, too, and that's a super cool hat.
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Technically cenarion was my first, b/c my rogue was a reroll, but as nice as wearing a bush was, nothing competes with shoulderboobs.
I got my first in legion on my warlock, the t20 in ToS. I'd played wow off and on for a while but never raided before, it was fun and was happy to get it. not sure why they decided to remove them after so many expansions.
Mine was Giantstalker. I actually never got the full set. My first full tier set was Dragonstalker.

My first tier piece was the Giantstalker bracers from the auction house for 50g or something.
Pantaloons on my warrior back in cata
Naxxramus Plagueheart, I had both 10 and then 25 man as my guild cleared the raid.
My resto shaman ulduar set! Still my favourite set ever with those crazy chained boulder shoulders. Ah, back when i raided hard. Miss WotLK so much.
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Do you remember when you acquired your first tier set? If so, what was it? Mines was from ToT in mist on my Hunter.
It was back probably a couple months after Molten Core first came out. Took a while, but I eventually had my full Mage T1 Arcanist set along with my Azuresong Mageblade, Crimson Shocker, and Talisman of Ephemeral Power. However... I ran that damn raid weekly probably 2 years straight trying to get my Choker of the damned Firelord and never received it. I eventually got my full T2 Netherwind, Neltharion's Tear, and eventually an almost complete set of Naxx40 T3 Frostfire before BC came out. But I will always look back on RNG as a real PITA as far as that Choker of the Firelord was concerned.
Lawbringer on my paladin. Banana shoulders ftw!
First set bonus? Lawbringer. My first set piece was also Lawbringer leggings from my first Magmadar kill.

First full raid set? Judgement. I didn't pick up the Lawbringer Helm until I had already completed Judgement, and did so just to complete the Lawbringer set, since I already had the Judgement Helm from Onyxia early on.
Good old Netherblade.
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Do you remember when you acquired your first tier set? If so, what was it? Mines was from ToT in mist on my Hunter.

Prophesy, with Benediction, back in Vanilla.

I got it basically by "trickle down", since I could not do raiding with my job/life schedule. But our guild of "pals", which came from games like Ultima Online and Everquest, started running week end Molten Core raids for alts and junk. So I basically got all the prophesy, since everyone else had that or better.

It still felt cool ;)

Man, I wish I'd not sold all that when bank space was precious. I DID have the foresight to keep "Benediction" in the bank.

If I'd have saved it, I'd run around with that/ Benediction and my "Sergeant" title, seriously old schooling it. Yeah, I could easily "solo" MC now for the parts, but it just would not seem the same.
I had full Devout going into MC. I was the first priest in my guild to be in full Prophecy with Benediction. I managed barely to get full Transcendence before NaxxOG dropped. The last set I completed on tier with raiding was Sanctified Acolyte 25 normal. Now it's all mog farming.

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