BM Explosive Tips

Not Explosive BM tips, that's gross....:P

I'm terrified to tab target like crazy lest I pull adjacent packs and clicking stinks. On my DH, I don't worry about it since if I tab target something far away I'm not going to accidentally pull it. I use TidyPlates and it helps, but sometimes with teeming and g'huun spawns, I'm finding it so hard to target the add I want.

Any helpful tips?
nameplates on, let em stack. when u see the explosive up, click on it and hit ur abilities.

Little more difficult with big pulls, but if your whole group is paying attention, you can get most of them
I wish you could make a target macro :/
11/13/2018 01:31 PMPosted by Fili
I wish you could make a target macro :/

Target macro does not work at explosive because it is totem.
If you use weakauras, is really nice. Make sure to have 'always show nameplates' enabled in interface options for the weakaura to function.

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