Stuck in Highmountain again

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Character gets stuck in the air during highmountain legion instance and every time I log in it goes through the same bat ride and gets stuck again. The instance is over but character's been stuck for 24hours. She's running so I can't heart or die.

I opened a ticket but I know it can take a long time. Is there truly no other way to get out of this?

Thank you
Yes I have. Unfortunately since the character is running in the air, a heartstone or being teleported to the nearest graveyard doesn't work
Try this, ALT-F4 the game and wait for 30 minutes. If that doesn't work, use this link: and select unable to move.
Used the link and I was moved.

Thank you!
Just to touch on something.

If this is happening EVERY time, I'd do a proper reset UI. There is a chance you've got something that isn't happy with that area.

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