Game is very unrewarding for mythic raiders

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11/14/2018 04:22 AMPosted by Akston
Why do you play this game anymore OP? You create countless threads about how you dislike it. Constantly.

If I disliked any game as much as you dislike playing WoW, I would quit it and move on.

I am genuinely curious about the plight of the person that dislikes nearly every aspect of WoW, yet continues funding Blizzard. (directly or indirectly). it is amazing.

"Troll! get back under your rock"
11/14/2018 03:51 AMPosted by Karinya
The reward was that you could run around in the open world and destroy everything..... too bad with scaling you don't feel like a total god in the open world anymore.

Omg you nailed it
Look at the game differently. It's supposed to be a "role playing" game. Level an alt and pay attention to the story, read the quests, get involved with the lore. You might like and appreciate the things you do more. Or you can just kill stuff for purples and get burned out like everyone else.
It’s been a long time since I seriously raided, but there’s always been a pendulum between ‘Ugh, why do have to spend so much extra time doing X, Y, and Z to stay competitive?’ and ‘Ugh, why is there so little to do that’s worth doing?’.

Let me ask this: other than stuff that directly helps you in mythic raiding, what would you consider ‘rewarding’ content to be?
This game caters too much to mythic raiders imo. If blizzard just cut that group out completely and made more content for the normal sane people everyone would be better off.
It's almost as if they've stated that mythic raiders make up 0.1% of the playerbase and the fact they already devote time to making mythic raids just for that small of an amount of players should be enough for you. You also get titles and a mount.

That's way more time and development time than they honestly should devote to that small of a playerbase. There's a reason they don't do mythic-only bosses.

When it was just Normal and Heroic, they did heroic-only bosses because a decent chunk of players raided heroic, just like there's a decent chunk that raids heroic nowadays.

If it were up to me, I would cut mythic raiding altogether and just focus on Normal and Heroic. The fact they still devote so much development time to 0.1% of players is ridiculous. All they really need to do is add a hardmode option to the last 2 bosses (like Ulduar Hard Modes) in heroic for the mythic raiders, so people can make that the actual world first that matters. Then make the mount be rewarded from the hardmode achievement, then after the expansion is over, remove the achievement, add the mount to the final bosses drop table as a low drop chance.
11/14/2018 04:08 AMPosted by Lofu
11/14/2018 03:58 AMPosted by Epicsauce

9 hours a week is a healthy amount of time played. You should be thanking Blizz for not sucking up more of your actual life.

9 hours a week isn't a healthy amount of time. That's like a a small fraction of the hours in a week. Some people play games as their hobby. what you're suggesting is 1.2 hours a day. You can't even mount run on a single toon in that little amount of time.

That's asinine. You're assuming you have to play every day. It is also considered generally healthy to have varied interests. If you absolutely need to be playing WoW for several hours a day, you have issues pal.
Unfortunately, you don't matter. Once upon a time, WoW was designed so that people would aspire to do the content you do, and if they can't they would at least devote time and effort to come as close to your content as possible. There was always a reason to get better and put more time aside for WoW; because you would be rewarded for it.

Fast forward to today, all those rewards are funneled down to the lowest common denominator. Sure you get higher ilvl gear in mythic, but higher ilvl doesn't matter unless you do mythic, so it's just circular logic. Aside from that, what do you get as a mythic player? You get to see an extra boss mechanic? Lol.

Right now, the game is best played hyper casually and non-committal, because every meaningful reward is delivered to us easily and effortlessly. That's the advice people are giving you here; play less, do less, commit less.
I only raid Heroic and i'm bored to death. Even bored with raiding.

Nothing in the game offers anything worth going after at this level except M+ and Raider IO has made that hellish for people who just want to casually use M+ as a way to gear.

Not sure if it's Uldir, loss of tier gear/lacluster-ness of Azerite gear in Uldir, or just general displeasure with the game but I'm not into raiding .... at all. Normally I wouldn't care but it's been like this for weeks and the expac is still new(ish).

Usually I'm salivating to get AOTC. This expac I couldn't be bothered, then got it, and couldn't care less about ever beating G'huun again.

Their solution is to add another ring to Azerite gear. Not sure that's gonna make Azerite gear any more exciting if the traits available are the same passive, non-impacting to game play traits we've already seen.
11/14/2018 04:39 AMPosted by Shippujinlai
11/14/2018 01:20 AMPosted by Humanìty
Can’t push mythic plus this week

This is actually a really good push week. Just use that thing rattling around in yer skull it's good for more than just keepin yer ears apart.

What? No it isn't this week is terrible unless you bring like double melee to every single dungeon. Teeming+Explosive should NEVER be a combination ESPECIALLY with fortified. Honestly, Teeming+Fortified should never be a combination either since it will automatically add like 3+ minutes to the timer since the trash takes nine years compared to a tyrannical week. Timers need to be adjusted for fort week for keys to be worthwhile to push since trash eats at the timer ESPECIALLY when the packs are absurd with explosives.
11/14/2018 01:39 AMPosted by Humanìty
11/14/2018 01:36 AMPosted by Aled
My biggest problem is consumables. I don't have any real reason to do M+ except that it's fun. But for every hour I spend in M+, I need to farm herbs for around ten minutes (it feels rude not to chug potions when I know my team is). So far, my dislike of herb grinding has beaten out my enjoyment of M+, so I just don't play WoW outside of raid nights and the unavoidable herb grind they demand.

Even so, I'm down to 10k gold, and the 40some potions I'm holding may not cut it for this week. Every week it seems like I waver between buying a token, canceling my sub, or just gritting my teeth and getting back on the Sky Golem.

Sell mythic 0 and low key run thrus. People pay you good gold to funnel them gear and get them into groups that otherwise wouldn’t take them due to ilvl io ect.

It's called WOW burnout, it happens to us all, I am currently suffering from it.
11/14/2018 01:29 AMPosted by Hùrin
do as i do as a mythic raider.

play other games.

Getting to that point. Also tired of RNG boss designs meant to slow progression artificially. *fetid devourer and vectis*

Some games about to go on sale on steam very soon. Might snag a few.
Its like people don't realize theres other games to play besides WoW.
Easy fix, go back to heroic raiding.
That's the problem with achieving a goal in general, once you get there unless you find another one you'll run into some "problems". Boredom is a huge one.

It doesn't matter if you do mythic+ high keys or kill the last boss on mythic every week. Then what? Are you spending the rest of the time trolling in trade chat or grinding wqs all day long? It's a huge issue with the expansion as a whole right now. There isn't anything meaningful to do that. If you aren't interested in mythic+ and you only raid once or twice a week, what exactly are you suppose to do?

While to some degree this has been an issue in every expansion, it has not been this severe, for me at least, in a very long time.

<edit> To people talking about "other" games, exactly. That's what people do, they play other games and then never log back into wow again because they've realized how bad it is right now. How is that a win for anyone? I've seen my guild lose a ton of people since release. They just vanished and I have a pretty good idea why.
Give SWTOR a whirl ... they're coming out with new content for the first time in ages. Break out your glowsticks! Or red dead redemption 2, battlefield 5, and wwe 2k19 are all out for your console entertainment
11/15/2018 06:54 AMPosted by Leroyjohnson
battlefield 5

Hahahaha... that is a hard no. I am far to uneducated for that game.
11/14/2018 01:30 AMPosted by Sevaira
11/14/2018 01:20 AMPosted by Humanìty
Outside of raiding that is, game is very unrewarding for mythic raiders.

Outside of raiding in general the game is unrewarding. World Quests and all that stuff generally become obsolete pretty quickly even for the most casual of players. The game suffers from lacking in non instanced content that will last in the long run.

You do realize that there is a lot more to do today that offers rewards to those who don't want to raid than there has ever been right? Vanilla the only end game was raiding. There was no mythic+. No pet battles. No warfronts. No IE. No extra dungeons. No new zones. No World Quest. It was raid or nothing. You also had to farm for resist gear too.

This was the same for BC and Wrath, although Wrath introduced new dungeons before ICC and also had the Argent Tourny which was cool but not as rewarding as ToGC. Cata added a little more but nothing big. MoP started to add Isles. WoD added zones but that game lacked in things to do all expansion except raiding. Legion added more to do and BfA has offered the most.

So, not sure why now all of a sudden there is nothing rewarding yet the first 3 expansions offered nothing real rewarding either unless you raided. Nothing has changed as Mythic raiding is the tops of the tops for end game.

You are basically complaining that you can't get even better gear after doing the hardest content the game has to offer at each current tier. You should finish Mythic first and get all the BiS stuff because by then the next patch will be out and maybe even the new raid.
Guys, we just don't understand how much fun we are ACTUALLY having!!!!

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