New RBG Team Recruiting


I'm going to be forming a new RBG Team for early afternoon hours (1pm EST to 6pm EST) for those who are interested into getting into the RBG scene or also for those who are already experienced and can only play during the day. A bit about myself:

I started wow in Vanilla as alliance but quickly switched to horde since they were the dominant faction in pvp at the time. In season 5 in 2009 I earned 2200 in 2's and 1750 in 3's. I have experience leading old school BG's in the ventrillo days where we all had to queue together at exactly the same time. I'm looking to get back into the leading scene and I'm looking for a group of motivated players to follow me onto the battlefield!

We're going to be starting out with very low rating but the plan is to push that up as we begin to synergize together.

Current High Needs:

Disc Priest x2
Ret Pally

Obviously I'll be accepting all others interested that are able to play during the listed times, but those are the highest priority right now to build a good foundation.

Mic is Required

Hours of Play:

1pm EST to 6pm EST on various days of the week

If you're interested:

You can either DM me on Discord (Gamercop#7973), or you can add me in game (Gamercop#1941) I also stream so if we get a solid group going most games will be streamed.
Add me Thesandman#1828

I work swing shift twelves so I’ll be available pretty randomly but I nearly have a DH to 120 I want to practice on. Just leveled a priest and got it to 1900 in rbgs and I’m 2200 exp on rogue.

I can play on either 3 that you would want whenever I’m down to Q. I already got duelist on rogue so I can tank rating it won’t matter to me
Im on during the say a lot and am interested.

Why would you "need" let alone want a ret pally?
I've been looking for a team, survival hunter with 1900 exp (years ago) trying to get back into it. Sent you a real id request kukhri#1501

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