Mythic+ this week summed up

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I usually try to pug between the 4-8 range on my monk, but I think I'm skipping this week.
It's really not all that bad. It's actually somewhat of an easy week if you kill orbs.
DPS have to do something besides facerolling their keyboard


horrible affix, end of the world, etc.
Its easy if people kill orbs, but then those 3 or 4 times people "forget" you all wipe and then someone rage quits.
: /
Shrine with teeming/explosive is cancer.
Already gave up trying to do keys on my warlock. It's not even !@#$ing worth trying. Unless shadow bolt crits it literally doesn't do enough damage to kill an explosive orb at 370ilvl. I need 3 SBs and you can't fit that into the kill window.
I had the absurd luck of looting a +10 FH, got 3 friends and a lucky PuG healer and called it. Last week I almost did a +11 in time had the second boss not reset after 3minutes, this week we past the timer by more than 10minutes.
You can’t double pull in FH (likely in ML too) and you spend time killing orbs. Just survive this week.
It really punishes classes without instant damage. I.e. most casters. They should change the orbs to have like 500hp, so if you target one and use a global it will die. Also cap it at 1spawn/sec or 3 spawns/5sec or something, so teeming or certain packs don't blow the affix into troll territory. (i.e. pulled ticks in UR and had like 7 orbs spawn instantly, no counter play to that)

Just a thought.


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