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I'd like my 15k honorbound rep thanks. At quest turnin it says 150...
Looks like you have a UI issue try a full UI reset.
That would most likely be a tooltip error or display glitch. Since you are not using the default UI, that can cause issues with displaying info in the game.

If you continue to have those errors, you might need to do a full UI reset (as detailed in link below).


Of course, this issue could be just a bug that hasn't been corrected yet. It would be best to report this in the Bug Reports Forum:

Ahh whenever I did that quest too it also said 1500 but it’s actually 150 >.> think it’s a typo I seen other reports of it.
That text has been there since Warfronts opened.

It's been generally agreed upon as a typo simply because there's not going to be a reputation source that catapults a character through the majority of the rep tiers on a single turn in. 150, however, is much more in line with the other rep sources.

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