i got kicked out of my guild for bad dps can you check my logs plz

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hello my guild Benz Frenz recently kicked me from the guild for bad performance and having low dps.

i applied to another guild which is also 2/8 mythic progress they said my logs are better than ok.

it seems fishy my guild kicked me for low dps and bad performance and whne i appled to another guild they accepted me after seeing my logs.

can you please give me feed back on my logs and tell me if they are acually that bad that i deserved to be kicked without even a warning.

my dps on MOTHER mythic we used a strategy that we stop dps the boss after we go into the other room ignore that dps even though oddly they mentioned it when the other mage was the last group to enter the room who did most damage while i was standing in the other room doing nothing. check Heroic mostly please also to my item level

If they kick you without any warning or explication because of logs, it's prob not a good guild to be in anyway.

Don't take it personally and move to the next one. Your logs could be better, but they are many elements that influence logs, all i can said is keep putting effort on improving yourself.

Best of luck.
It’s a game . Not life and death.

Be happy you are out of that guild.
I would remove the name of your former guild from your post.

It's not a good idea to needlessly stir the pot, even if they may be in the wrong.
The guild members of benz frenz sounds like a bunch of wankers. Be happy you're out. Onto new and better things I say
I would've removed myself from the guild because of that name tbh.
That guild won't be around very long so you would have had to find another guild anyways.

Don't stress and move on.
Are you not wearing an uldir piece for the azerite empowerment? I checked your gear but I don't see it.

Your talent set up is missing comet storm as well, which all the top frost mages are using for Mother, which is probably to pad on the add damage.

Other than that, it's probably a rotation/gear issue.

Go to youtube and watch a few videos to make sure you are doing the proper rotation.
Just looking at your ranks, you're decent but inconsistent in normal and heroic. It looks like something throws you off, maximizing aoe and cleave, movement, or maybe even mechanics and unexpected changes. Based on what bosses you do well on vs poorly I'd guess you aren't as efficient in your movement as you could be I haven't played frost since WoD so I can't tell you specifics, but I'd say practice efficient movement (if that is what holds you back) in mythic+ until you're completely comfortable with it. It's a good place to practice starts/aoe/cleave efficiency too.

Check the clerical stuff too just to be safe. Stat balance, proper traits, best talents, etc. You have some great parses in here so I'm sure you can be a top tier mage.

All that said, kicking you for dps alone is a rotten thing to do. A guild is supposed to help it's members achieve their goals. Turning their back to you over what looks like a fixable problem is shameful.
My guild had a fantastic time wiping on H Zek'voz for two straight hours last night. Funny stories, roaring laughter, hilarious Eye Beam fails, an angry PUG or two... good times. We finally got him down on our last pull of the night!

The point is, find a team that makes you happy, even if you're not cutting-edge on content.
Going deeper in logs (takes a while on phone) and am looking at your weakest fight- mythrax. 48 casts of frost bolt at absolute worst case is 3 seconds each, so 150 seconds. I think everything else is instant so @ global CD of 1.5 seconds is ~90 casts and 135 seconds. With some rounding, you have 5 minutes of activity in an 8 minute fight. Give a minute of general transitions (boss invul before adds) and that's still 2 minutes of dps lost.

So I think this is either needing practice keeping activity up during mechanics, or just needing a bit more urgency in your rotation. I'll keep digging and see if there's anything new

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